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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 30. července 2018 at 18:50:16

Artist: Explosions in the Sky
Title: So Long, Lonesome
Tags: all of a sudden i miss everyone calm relaxing post-rock
BPM: 104
Filesize: 8534kb
Play Time: 03:20
Difficulties Available:

Download: Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
life is full of disapointment, lies and fake people. you keep opening your heart to those, who tells you, that they are your friends but in the end, they betray you and throw you away like an old dirty rag. but one day, when you'll come through all the depression and sadness, there will be someone, who will understand you. who will like you as you are and those type of friends are way more better than one thousand fake ones.

this map is dedicated to all my true friends, who didn't help me only in osu! community but also in real life. thank you for having you as a trustful friends. c:
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Mortem x Pjecoo - So Long, Handsome~ <3
Good luck~ w/
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Aw, thanks for this, I'm really glad you dedicated this map to me and other people ;wwwww;

I'll be always here if you need me for something :3
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Hello, IRC mod

23:14 Lethargy: me se to nechce nacist v osu
23:14 Lethargy: lmao
23:14 Mortem: xD
23:14 Lethargy: uz to mam
23:14 Lethargy: takze chces jako irc?
23:14 Mortem: moheš
23:14 Lethargy: ok
23:14 Lethargy: takz
23:14 Mortem: ti to stejně více vyhovuje ne?
23:14 Lethargy: no
23:15 Lethargy: asi jo
23:15 Lethargy: jelikoz uz chci jit spat
23:15 Mortem: :D
23:15 Lethargy: takze
23:15 Lethargy: nejdriv bych pojmenoval Advanced nejak jinak kdyz uz mas ten hard goodbye
23:15 Lethargy: treba to muze byt Hello
23:15 Lethargy: lmao
23:16 Mortem: :DDD
23:16 Mortem: Hmm...prozatím nechám tak
23:16 Mortem: Při nejhorším tam dám "Bye"
23:16 Lethargy: 00:35:944 (3,1) - blanket
23:17 Mortem: mm-hmm fixed.
23:18 Lethargy: tohle bych nahradil circly 01:31:949 (5) - 
23:19 Lethargy: sem muzes dat slider 01:32:521 (1) - 
23:19 Lethargy: tak jako si to udelal potom
23:19 Mortem: ok
23:19 Mortem: mm- nechám tak.
23:20 Lethargy: misto 01:45:379 (3,4) bych dal ctrl c 01:44:808 (2) - jelikoz to jsou identicky zvuky
23:21 Lethargy: tohle imo urcite nahradit circly
23:21 Lethargy: vubec mi tam ten slider nesedi 02:01:095 (2) - 
23:21 Mortem: co ti na něm nesedí?
23:21 Lethargy:  ze konci na silny note
23:21 Lethargy: a zacina na slaby
23:22 Lethargy: nevim jak tomu rikate
23:22 Lethargy: downbeat?
23:22 Lethargy: potom dal uz to mas v pohode
23:22 Mortem: tak já tam dám circly.
23:22 Lethargy: ok
23:22 Lethargy: tohle bych taky nahradil circly 02:23:097 (5) - 
23:23 Lethargy: protoze vsechny tri tony jsou rovnocenny
23:23 Mortem: jasně.
23:23 Mortem: ok
23:24 Lethargy: 02:44:528 (1) - tohle by imo vypadalo lip
23:24 Lethargy: kdybys tu cervenou tecku vlevo
23:24 Lethargy: predelal na bilou
23:24 Lethargy: aka right click
23:24 Lethargy: ;also tady dodrz spacing 02:44:528 (1,2) - 
23:24 Lethargy: jelikoz tam je takova neortodoxni mezera
23:25 Mortem: jasně mno
23:25 Lethargy: to je vse pro tenhle diff
23:25 Mortem: ok
23:26 Lethargy: tayd circly imo 00:52:231 (2) - 00:52:231 (2) - 
23:26 Lethargy: nechces tohle blanketnout? 00:57:374 (7,8,9) - 
23:26 Mortem: meh...tady né :x
23:26 Mortem: to je blanketnuté
23:26 Lethargy: jakoze tole 00:56:517 (5,7,8,9) - 
23:26 Lethargy: oh wait stack
23:27 Mortem: tam nechám blanket.
23:27 Lethargy: tohle se podle me vic hodi na square 01:21:091 (5,6,7,8) - 
23:28 Lethargy: tohle bys mohl vylepsit
23:28 Mortem: jasně chápu...ale asi to taky takhle nechám...nijak to neporušuje flow nebo tak.
23:28 Lethargy: kdybys ten bod mezi dvema cervenyma dal jakoby dovnitr
23:28 Lethargy: nemam tady puush 
23:28 Lethargy: moment
23:28 Lethargy:
23:28 Lethargy: takhle
23:29 Lethargy: tady tu kytaru bys mel zmapovat 01:46:808 (8,9) - 
23:29 Lethargy: jelikoz si ji potom
23:30 Mortem: ok done
23:30 Lethargy: tady zmapoval
23:30 Lethargy: 01:50:237 (1,2) - 
23:30 Lethargy: to samy vsude jinde
23:30 Mortem: nj, ale tam jsem se soustředil na piano-only
23:30 Mortem: prozatím to tak nechám
23:30 Lethargy: no jasne
23:30 Mortem: jestli více lidí toto zmíní, tak to tam domapuju
23:30 Lethargy: ale ty tam mas potom zmapovanou kytaru only
23:31 Lethargy: tady konkretne 01:50:237 (1,2) - 
23:31 Mortem: Jasně mno.
23:32 Lethargy: thast it
23:32 Lethargy: az na par estetickejch veci s flowem
23:32 Mortem: ok \ w /

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Lethargy wrote:

Dík moc. c:
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Hi for the M4M :V

collapsed text

01:32:521 - For this section with the F key hitsound I would suggest lowering the volume of that hitsound slightly (maybe by about 15-20% on audacity) because right now it's overshadowing the lead piano sounds (melody) which doesn't make it sound as great. Same for the similar section on 02:34:241 -.


02:23:097 (5,6,7) - Could probably be spaced a bit more roundly to have more of a circular flow. also the distance between 7 and 1 is too short so this could help fix that.

Other than that no issues.


Consider OD5.5 maybe even OD6 here. Kind of like a hard but with more straightforward patterns so it could definitely be useful for challenging newer players to learn to acc and rewarding them more for a good FC :)

01:03:947 (6,7) - Could be unstacked much like the previous patterns but this isn't really major.

01:12:519 (2,3) - Ctrl G this so the slider is first then move the note to the slider end. Currently the pattern plays pretty...meh. Like slider 1 is a 1/2 slider and then you have a note and a slider on the red tick. This is fine but if you listen to the music it's 5 piano notes and if you had it the way I mentioned it would be slider slider note so you would be single tapping 1/1 technically which feels better than single tapping 2 and then random 1/2 tap and hold. This change also doesn't require any pattern reworks so I think it's worth it :3

01:45:665 (4) - Works better stacked over 01:45:093 (3) - slider end. This helps to differentiate the upcoming triple since it's both a different piano note and it looks much better than spacing out the triple instead.

Honestly diff is pretty solid. Patterns are friendly consistent with the song, spacing is consistent, a few missed blanket opportunities but that's minor and unimportant (unless you care about that stuff :v so) Good job! Shooting a star since I couldn't find much and its a nice song :v

Good luck! :)
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@Side - Thank you for mod. Fixed some things you mentioned.
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M4M request

  • Combo colors 1 and 5 can be difficult to see in some places. I recommend tweaking them to be more noticeable.

  • I recommend renaming Advanced to anything related to the song. The name "advanced" is too convoluted and it might bring unnecessary confusion.

  • 00:58:267 - The transition to the colored BG should not be sudden. These type of transitions can hurt the song's appearance. I recommend the transition should start around 00:51:374 so it would start more slowly and less distracting.
  • 01:32:664 - Similar to above, the transition should not be distracting. This time the transition should start around 01:15:376 .
  • 01:59:952 - Similar to above, but this time it should start around 01:56:523 .
  • 02:34:384 - Similar to above, but this time it should start around 02:13:667 .
  • 02:47:956 - It is strange yet disappointing to see strobe effects on these type of maps. Not only is it so late into the song, it is too sudden and overwhelming; it hurts the experience from the song. I highly recommend removing the strobe effects. If not, reduce the amount of strobe effects and change them so they fade more slowly. I think maps like this should not have an epilepsy warning in the first place.
  • 02:47:814 - The light particles are also overwhelming. Instead of having all of them appear during kiai time, the first light particles should appear around 02:35:955 . The light particles then should gradually increase in numbers until it hits kiai time. I think this make an interesting visual build-up to the kiai time.

The SB is mostly minimal until the last part of the map. I think the strobe effects are unnecessary and should be removed from the map. The SB should enhance the map, not hurt it.

  • 00:54:803 (1) - There are 2 more sliders of this type, one at 00:57:374 (5) and 02:50:814 (6) . If you rarely use linear sliders, why bother? I recommend replacing them.
  • 01:32:521 - The slider velocity meter is too slow. Increase all values of x0.75 to x0.85 so newer players can adjust more smoothly to the pacing of the diff.
    In addition to above, why is the beginning of the diff not slow?
  • 01:42:807 (1) - Adjust the slider so the red waypoint is directly above the tickmark(s), similar to 01:39:378 (1) .
  • 02:41:099 (1) - ^
  • 02:44:528 (1) - ^
  • 03:15:530 (1) - The finishing hitsound felt very out of place, especially when there's nothing going on in the song. I recommend replacing it.

The biggest problem with Advanced is the slow slider velocity. Other than that, the diff needs general polish.


Not much problems here. Nothing noteworthy about the diff either, but that's okay. Again, the diff needs general polish.

Other than fixing the storyboard, adjusting the pacing on Advanced, and adding general polish, the map is looking good. I think it deserves a star.

EDIT: Apparently all my stars somehow added to your map. This happened before. This is getting ridiculous.
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00:44:373 (8) - look, this sound destination not 00:44:373, it's 00:44:326 - that's must be on the 1/3. try to replace 7 and 8 to slider
00:46:088 (5) - and here too ^
01:13:662 (4,5) - add DS here, I think, it would be better to emphasize strong beat
01:45:951 (5,6,7) - it's hard to read triplet, that's stands on the previous object, try to move it, or change it to reverse slider, also, place NC at 7
02:10:239 (1,3) - stack it better
03:15:102 (6,7,8) - this objects must be placed little earlier, just listen. Also, NC at 8

01:03:375 (2) - what about Crtl-H ?
03:15:102 - as I said above. Idk what to here, soz.

Good luck with your rank c:
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@Shadren: Fixed literally everything, Thank you.
@Darcsol: Fixed placement issues, didn't fix anything in SB & sliders. Thank you.
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02:43 ByBy13: have you fixed the mods?
02:43 Mortem: yes.
02:43 Mortem: But i didn't reply yet.
02:43 ByBy13: ok
02:43 ByBy13: just lemme know
02:43 Mortem: Because I'm uploading replays for you
02:43 Mortem: I will.
02:43 ByBy13: okay
02:44 Mortem: give me a minute.
02:44 ByBy13: ok
02:45 Mortem: [ Done]
02:45 ByBy13: ok
02:45 ByBy13: let's go
02:46 ByBy13: for the last time
02:46 Mortem: yea ;w;
02:49 *ByBy13 is editing [ Explosions In The Sky - So Long, Lonesome [Advanced]]
02:49 Mortem: mmhm
02:49 Mortem: Told you.
02:49 Mortem: There will be something...
02:49 ByBy13: 01:06:804 (3,4)- have you tried to make blanket?
02:49 Mortem: Oh...i tried.
02:49 Mortem: But I failed.
02:49 Mortem: So i'll fix it
02:49 ByBy13: okay
02:50 Mortem: Fixed.
02:50 ByBy13: okay
02:50 Mortem: Also fixed the other blankets like
02:50 Mortem: 01:08:518 (1,2,1) -
02:50 ByBy13:  ok
02:53 ByBy13: 01:59:095 (4)- Seems you have to react faster at this slider I mean it react faster and it can be a bit harder for newbie players especially.You can replace it with 2 notes or with an 1/2 slider
02:54 Mortem: Ok fixed.
02:56 ByBy13: 03:15:030 (8)- same ^
02:56 Mortem: Ok fixed.
02:57 *ByBy13 is editing [ Explosions In The Sky - So Long, Lonesome [Goodbye]]
02:57 Mortem: mmhmm
02:57 ByBy13: 00:57:089 (6,7,8,9)- spacing error?
02:58 Mortem: No, I¨d like to leave it like it is because the 7,8,9 is blanketed by 5.
02:58 ByBy13: ok
03:00 ByBy13: 01:45:665 (4,5,6,7)- ugh :(
03:01 Mortem: It used to be stacked with 4.
03:01 ByBy13: ok
03:02 Mortem: brb
03:02 Mortem: 5 mins
03:08 Mortem: ok
03:08 Mortem: back
03:09 Mortem: *poke*
03:16 Mortem: well...going for a lunch - brb 10 mins.
03:17 ByBy13: :<
03:17 ByBy13: btw
03:17 ByBy13: drum-hitclap - 12 ms delay
03:18 ByBy13: softhitwhistle5 - less than 100 ms
03:25 ByBy13: 02:29:383 - There's still sound and it feels empty.A note here would be much appreciated
03:36 Mortem: bACK
03:36 Mortem: sorry it took so long
03:36 ByBy13: np
03:36 Mortem: 02:29:383 - about this i'd like to leave it like it is.
03:36 ByBy13: ok
03:36 Mortem: softwhistle is fixed.
03:36 ByBy13: okay
03:36 Mortem: ill take a look on hitclap
03:36 ByBy13: ok
03:40 Mortem: alright
03:40 Mortem: done
03:40 Mortem: updating
03:41 Mortem: done
03:41 Mortem: updated.
03:43 ByBy13: okay
03:43 ByBy13: let's bubble it

Bubbled Image
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That was fast LOL
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We fixed storyboard (wrong resolutions, uncut transparency, objects rendering out of screen)
Then we fixed some hitsounds issues (length and delay) and removed one unused file.

Cannot send log, because we mixed it with regular chatting and it was in Czech anyway.
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