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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, 1 August 2018 at 2:09:31 AM

Artist: Yamajet feat. Hiura Masako
Title: Sunglow
Source: crossbeats REV. SUNRISE
Tags: happy high carolie しあわせハイカロリー crossxbeats capcom TyrantsEye2014 Loli Is Real
BPM: 180
Filesize: 13022kb
Play Time: 05:03
Difficulties Available:
  • Eternal (5.88 stars, 1213 notes)
    Download: Yamajet feat. Hiura Masako - Sunglow
    Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

    Please Re-Download After 21/07/2018 for the Storyboard!

    Nomination Resets Tally - 2
    DQ Tally - 3
    My Will to Live Tally - 0

    Banner by: Janpai
    Storyboard by: Loli Is Real and Me (BIG THANKS TO OSB PEEPS)
    Lyrics by: Me, Rean-K, and Rall3312
    Hitsounds by: TyrantsEye2014
    Metadata from:
    Sharuresu 's Mapset

      Big Shoutout again to TyrantsEye2014, thanks for helping with the Rhythm for Several Parts of the Map

      Smol Rant: I was actually planning to grave this (refer to the Autistic Sliders) but the next thing I realised was I was aiming for ranked lol because my friends and a few test-players said that it would be a waste. After gathering quite a lot of mods from multiple modders, I finally managed to get this far. Shoutout to the modders! Inb4 "wub sliders on anime wtf".

      Is this even DT-able lol I can see people passing this but not close to FC-ing.

      Significant Changes
      • 29/04/2018 - Remapped the Jump Sections
      • 01/05/2018 - Remapped the Back and Forth Sliders, probs gonna Remap the Jumps Before the Kiais
      • 02/05/2018 - Remapped the Jumps Before the Kiais
      • 04/05/2018 - CS 4 > CS 4.5
      • 13/05/2018 - Remapped the First Jumps ;w;, need to Remap all of the Jump Sections... I also need to fix the Slow Parts...
      • 14/05/2018 - Remapped the Jumps before the Chorus... need to Remap the Last Jumps... And the Slow Parts...
      • 15/05/2018 - Fixed 2/3 of the Slow Parts
      • 16/05/2018 - Fixed 3/3 of the Slow Parts and Remapped the Last Jumps!..
      • 19/05/2018 - Converted a Section to Kiai, Solution 100
      • 20/05/2018 - Remapped the Jump Section before the Chorus
      • 23/05/2018 - Decreased the SV on Kiais before the Chorus
      • 02/07/2018 - Improvised the Rhythm for a Kiai + Volume Tweaking

      The Thank You Box for the Modders

      • 727pp
      • Janpai (IRC)
      • Daycore
      • Finshie (IRC)
      • Nelliel
      • Marcuddles
      • Alisia
      • BaAR_Vendel
      • bite you death (IRC)
      • Enzie
      • realy0_
      • Sparhten
      • Affirmation
      • bite you death (IRC, again)
      • [[Pika]] (IRC)
      • DTM9 Nowa
      • Lally
      • Pozy
      • Crissa
      • Mira-san (IRC)
      • Nevo (IRC)
      • My Angel RangE
      • _Epreus
      • bossandy *
      • Hailie *
      • Nao Tomori
      • Lasse
      • OSB People (Storyboard)
      • sahuang *
      • Kuron-kun
      • 4n3c
      • Namki
        thank you for giving me your spare times just to help me improve my map, I really appreciate it ya'll. I'm stubborn at times so I'm really grateful for yous helping me reconsider most of my retarded mapping choices! For the *, thanks for getting my map to the qualified section, I'm really thankful for everything you've done to help me push my map towards ranking!

      Testplay FC
      • Potofu <No Mod> (99.58%)

      DT Passes Testplay
      • Shii
      • uyghti
      • Ceptin
      • Toushi <NC>
      • Rean-K
      • Anzu Takakura
      • HaruTachi-
      • ededed028
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This is a BSS beatmap submission. Click here to view full beatmap information.
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