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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, August 6, 2018 at 10:38:17 PM

Artist: aran
Title: Xperanza
Source: beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS
Tags: LN Hybrid Hardcore Konami
BPM: 200
Filesize: 4084kb
Play Time: 02:01
Difficulties Available:
  • Easy - 4Key (1.74 stars, 522 notes)
  • Hyper - 4Key (3.35 stars, 1187 notes)
  • Normal - 4Key (2.27 stars, 831 notes)
  • Xtravaganza - 4Key (4.53 stars, 1506 notes)
    Download: aran - Xperanza
    Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
    A new experience, a new life

    Noodles are an important part of a balanced 4k diet.

    Re-DL if downloaded before 7/21/2018!

    Note: Apologies for all silly mistakes early on and constant overhauls of sections. Holy crap now that I'm modding a ton it's really, really embarrassing to look back on all the consistency issues that were modded in this map. But yeah the past 3 months have been a huge learning experience for me and I appreciate that so many people helped me with this map, especially since I knew literally no one from the mapping/modding community prior to it. It's been one hell of a summer break!

    5/27/18 - All difficutlies created, 100% hitsounded
    5/28/18 - Hitsounds updated
    5/29/18 - Beginner/normal difficulty updated.
    5/30/18 - Hitsound issues fixed for all difficulties (lots of silly mistakes on my part), consistancy issues fixed for Hyper and Extravaganza. (Note: also went back through Xtravaganza myself and cleaned up LN consistancy issues in the section after the 2nd Kiai)
    5/31/18 - Patterning issues fixed for Beginner.
    6/1/18 - LOTS of hitsound issues fixed, some pattern changes in Beginner, Hyper, and Xtravaganza. OD/HP updates to Beginner and Normal.
    6/3/18 - Kiai time update.
    6/4/18 - Kiai time update, pattern fixes, tag update, and mp3 udpate! (5 hype! woo!)
    6/5/18 - Major pattern and consistancy fixes in Xtravaganza. (and a few aspects of Hyper changed as well to match concepts presented in Xtravaganza)
    6/6/18 - Minor pattern and consistancy fixes in all difficulties, and 1.0 normalized SVs added to three suitable sections in Xtravaganza)
    6/7/18 - Pattern fixes in Xtravaganza and hyper.
    6/8/18 - Pattern changes in Normal.
    6/9/18 - Consistancy fixes, SV modifications, and minor pattern fixes. Also went back to zap some anchors and restructure the handstreams before the 1st kiai section
    6/10/18 - Minor pattern fixes in Hyper
    6/11/18 - Pattern fixes in all difficulties
    6/16/18 - General fixes to all difficulties, plus some really incredible pattern changes in Xtravaganza. And self-modded some really painiful hitsound mistakes in Xtravaganza. Preview point updated to a less awkward location
    6/16/18 - P-p-p-pattern fixes (and missing notes added) in all difficulties except hyper
    6/17/18 - Pattern changes in Xtravaganza (also hyper is surprisingly fun DT)
    6/19/18 - Reallly useful pattern changes in Easy
    6/20/18 - Hitsound volume -finally- changed to a reasonable level (100% to 40%), a lot of good changes to Normal, self-modding on all difficulties
    6/21/18 - Changes to Hyper, metadata correction
    6/22/18 - Bookmarks added to all difficulties
    6/24/18 - Big changes and fixes to Hyper and Xtravaganza. LN section -finally- implimented at the end of Xtravaganza as well as more logical patterning applied to the 2nd kiai.
    6/26/18 - Hitsounds Wars: The Final(?) Chapter (normal-clap amplified, slight corrections, overall volume increased)
    6/27/18 - Small changes to Easy and Normal
    7/1/18 - Huge self-modding session! 1. Histound Wars: The Secret Saga: Changed 2 hitsound names to something more intuitive (and helpful for modders/BNs). Graduated Hitsound Elementary by getting Dudehacker's Magic Copier to work (and double-checked everything with hitsound detective). 2. Finally, FINALLY took a serious look at _underjoy and tailsdk's suggestion about the first half being rather dumpy and made it WAY more logical (thanks guys, took me way too long to realize how iffy things were).
    7/7/18 - Quite a bit of self modding in hyper for an overall boost in quality, fixed in error in the lower 3 difficulties where I accidently copied the SVs from Xtravaganza to them (possibly when I copied the hitsounds?) (whoops!)
    7/8/18 - Hitsound difficulty finally added for maximum convenience
    7/13/18 - Small pattern updates to Easy and Normal
    7/14/18 - Claps have been reunited with their beloved Whistles in the three kiais (and copied over from the Hitsound difficulty to all other difficulties)
    7/17/18 - The tiniest of tiny fixes. Just got rid of an unneeded 4 note anchor by moving 2 notes in Xtravaganza
    7/20/18 - 2 unsnapped notes in Xtravaganza re-snapped
    7/21/18 - New hitsound sample added, normal-hitnormal replaced with something more innocuous.
    7/23/18 - Hyper's patterns updated (everything looks a lot nicer in general in that diff too)
    7/24/18 - Deleted hitsound diff
    7/26/18 - Huge LN pattern changes in Xtravaganza
    7/29/18 - Bubbled!
    8/3/18 - self-popped to apply error_exe777's mod
    8/4/18 - Re-bubbled!
    8/5/18 - self-popped to apply minor mod and lightning re-bubble!
    8/6/18 - Qualified, later DQed due to snapping issues, and snapping issues fixed (along with deleting a note for playability in Xtrav and Hyper)
    8/7/18 - Re-bubbled!
    8/9/18 - Re-qualified!

    Special thanks to:
    - Aries -

    Pope Gadget
    K a b i -
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This is a BSS beatmap submission. Click here to view full beatmap information.
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