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Artist: Yin Lin
Title: Tang Li Jian Xue
Tags: 腐草为萤 灰原穷 商连 临江仙 nostalgic
BPM: 91
Filesize: 8197kb
Play Time: 04:00
Difficulties Available:
  • Hard (2.69 stars, 423 notes)
  • Normal (1.98 stars, 326 notes)

Download: Yin Lin - Tang Li Jian Xue
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Chinese and English lyrics
Birchleaf Pears with Fine Snow

青鲤来时遥闻 春溪声声碎
Heard a spring rivulet coming cyprinoids
嗅得手植棠梨 初发青黄蕊
Scented my birchleaf pear appearing light yellow
待小暑悄过 新梨渐垂
Lesser heat passed by fresh pear had grown
Invited a female neighbor to pick pear and return
Gathered fine snow on branches the old year
Nowadays carmine pear leaves drifted down
Creased a few leaves into my book
Sipped liquor from subtlety to sweetness
When the age partial to pillowing lithe words to dreamland
with dim candlelight I still talk with her a whole night
早春暮春 酒暖花深
Only through spring liquor and blooms thrive
the same as only one person can take load off one's mind
Yearly decocted pears with snow under ornate eaves together
from childhood but you head elsewhere alone one day
天淡天青 宿雨沾襟
Cried after a long time wet the collar
daytime and night for yearly letter includes just a few lines
雨中灯市欲眠 原已萧萧数年
Lanterns have slept and desolated for several years
似有故人轻叩 再将棠梨煎雪
Seemingly knocked by old friend decorcted pears with snow again
能否消得 你一路而来的半生风雪
Whether could it remove your uphill struggle all the way in half a lifetime

translator: 经纵组
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This is a BSS beatmap submission. Click here to view full beatmap information.
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