Beatmap Pack Listing


Installation: Once a pack has been downloaded, extract the .rar into your osu! Songs directory. All songs are still .zip'd and/or .osz'd inside the pack, so osu! will need to extract the beatmaps itself the next time you go into Play mode. Do NOT extract the zip's/osz's yourself, or the beatmaps will display incorrectly in osu and will not function properly.

Also note that it is highly recommended to download the packs from latest to earliest, since the oldest maps are of much lower quality than most recent maps.
Pack Date Uploaded by
Spotlights April 2018 (osu!mania)2018-05-20 17:35:30Kurokami
Spotlights April 2018 (osu!catch)2018-05-20 17:34:38Kurokami
Spotlights April 2018 (osu!taiko)2018-05-20 17:33:49Kurokami
Spotlights April 2018 (osu!)2018-05-20 17:32:53Kurokami
Camellia Themed Spotlights (osu!mania)2018-05-01 22:16:00Kurokami
Camellia Themed Spotlights (osu!catch)2018-05-01 22:15:20Kurokami
Camellia Themed Spotlights (osu!taiko)2018-05-01 22:14:31Kurokami
Camellia Themed Spotlights (osu!)2018-05-01 22:13:43Kurokami
Spotlights March 2018 (osu!catch)2018-04-15 20:58:31Kurokami
Spotlights March 2018 (osu!taiko)2018-04-15 20:57:53Kurokami
Spotlights March 2018 (osu!)2018-04-15 20:56:16Kurokami
Spotlight February 2018 (osu!mania)2018-03-16 03:35:14Kurokami
Spotlight February 2018 (osu!catch)2018-03-16 03:33:44Kurokami
Spotlight February 2018 (osu!taiko)2018-03-16 03:22:40Kurokami
Spotlight February 2018 (osu!)2018-03-16 03:20:24Kurokami
Anime Themed Spotlights 2018 (osu!mania)2018-03-04 02:07:42Kurokami
Anime Themed Spotlights 2018 (osu!catch)2018-03-04 02:06:37Kurokami
Anime Themed Spotlights 2018 (osu!taiko)2018-03-04 02:05:36Kurokami
Anime Themed Spotlights 2018 (osu!)2018-03-04 02:03:51Kurokami
Spotlights January 2018 (osu!mania)2018-02-15 07:36:30Kurokami
Spotlights January 2018 (osu!catch)2018-02-15 07:35:46Kurokami
Spotlights January 2018 (osu!taiko)2018-02-15 07:34:45Kurokami
Spotlights January 2018 (osu!)2018-02-15 07:33:41Kurokami
Spotlights December 2017 (osu!mania)2018-01-14 20:37:57Kurokami
Spotlights December 2017 (osu!catch)2018-01-14 20:36:53Kurokami
Spotlights December 2017 (osu!taiko)2018-01-14 20:35:36Kurokami
Spotlights December 2017 (osu!)2018-01-14 20:27:24Kurokami
Winter Themed Spotlights 2017 (osu!mania)2017-12-22 18:34:45Kurokami
Winter Themed Spotlights 2017 (osu!catch)2017-12-22 18:33:55Kurokami
Winter Themed Spotlights 2017 (osu!taiko)2017-12-22 18:32:39Kurokami
Winter Themed Spotlights 2017 (osu!)2017-12-22 18:30:50Kurokami
Spotlights November 2017 (osu!mania)2017-12-16 07:56:28Kurokami
Spotlights November 2017 (osu!ctb)2017-12-16 07:55:37Kurokami
Spotlights November 2017 (osu!taiko)2017-12-16 07:54:39Kurokami
Spotlights November 2017 (osu!)2017-12-16 07:51:00Kurokami
Spotlights October 2017 (osu!mania)2017-11-19 23:10:29Kurokami
Spotlights October 2017 (osu!catch)2017-11-19 23:09:36Kurokami
Spotlights October 2017 (osu!taiko)2017-11-19 23:05:51Kurokami
Spotlights October 2017 (osu!)2017-11-19 23:04:58Kurokami
Spotlights September 2017 (osu!mania)2017-11-03 02:13:48Kurokami
Spotlights September 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-11-03 02:12:49Kurokami
Spotlights September 2017 (Taiko)2017-11-03 02:11:45Kurokami
Spotlights September 2017 (Standard)2017-11-03 02:01:13Kurokami
Spotlights August 2017 (osu!mania)2017-09-20 23:18:00Stefan
Spotlights August 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-09-20 23:17:00Stefan
Spotlights August 2017 (Taiko)2017-09-20 23:16:00Stefan
Spotlights August 2017 (Standard)2017-09-20 23:15:00Stefan
Spotlights July 2017 (osu!mania)2017-08-24 17:03:00Stefan
Spotlights July 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-08-24 17:02:00Stefan
Spotlights July 2017 (Taiko)2017-08-24 17:01:00Stefan
Spotlights July 2017 (Standard)2017-08-24 17:00:00Stefan
Spotlights June 2017 (osu!mania)2017-08-02 22:03:00Stefan
Spotlights June 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-08-02 22:02:00Stefan
Spotlights June 2017 (Taiko)2017-08-02 22:01:00Stefan
Spotlights June 2017 (Standard)2017-08-02 22:00:00Stefan
Spotlights May 2017 (osu!mania)2017-07-02 10:15:00Stefan
Spotlights May 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-07-02 10:10:00Stefan
Spotlights May 2017 (Taiko)2017-07-02 10:05:00Stefan
Spotlights May 2017 (Standard)2017-07-02 10:16:45Stefan
Spotlights April 2017 (osu!mania)2017-05-28 23:38:00Stefan
Spotlights April 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-05-28 23:37:00Stefan
Spotlights April 2017 (Taiko)2017-05-28 23:36:00Stefan
Spotlights April 2017 (Standard)2017-05-28 23:35:00Stefan
Spotlights March 2017 (osu!mania)2017-04-21 04:13:00Stefan
Spotlights March 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-04-21 04:12:00Stefan
Spotlights March 2017 (Taiko)2017-04-21 04:11:00Stefan
Spotlights March 2017 (Standard)2017-04-21 04:10:00Stefan
Spotlights January/February 2017 (osu!mania)2017-03-18 03:28:00Stefan
Spotlights January/February 2017 (Catch the Beat)2017-03-18 03:27:00Stefan
Spotlights January/February 2017 (Taiko)2017-03-18 03:26:00Stefan
Spotlights January/February 2017 (Standard)2017-03-18 03:25:00Stefan
December 2016 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2017-01-19 04:48:00Stefan
December 2016 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2017-01-19 04:46:00Stefan
December 2016 Chart Pack (Taiko)2017-01-19 04:44:00Stefan
December 2016 Chart Pack (Standard)2017-01-19 04:42:00Stefan
Winter 2016 Themed Chart Pack2016-12-24 09:00:00Stefan
November 2016 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2016-12-21 04:02:00Stefan
November 2016 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2016-12-21 04:01:00Stefan
November 2016 Chart Pack (Taiko)2016-12-21 04:00:00Stefan
November 2016 Chart Pack (Standard)2016-12-21 03:59:00Stefan
October 2016 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2016-12-02 06:06:00Stefan
October 2016 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2016-12-02 06:04:00Stefan
October 2016 Chart Pack (Taiko)2016-12-02 06:02:00Stefan
October 2016 Chart Pack (Standard)2016-12-02 06:00:00Stefan
Best of 2013 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2014-02-13 00:26:06Marcin
Best of 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2014-02-13 00:25:11Marcin
Best of 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2014-02-13 00:23:21Marcin
Best of 2013 Chart Pack2014-02-13 00:22:22Marcin
October 2013 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2013-11-22 20:39:25Marcin
October 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-11-22 20:38:36Marcin
October 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-11-22 20:37:33Marcin
October 2013 Chart Pack2013-11-22 20:36:31Marcin
August 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-08-17 12:10:26DeathxShinigami
August 2013 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2013-08-17 12:10:27DeathxShinigami
August 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-08-17 12:10:25DeathxShinigami
August 2013 Chart Pack2013-08-17 12:10:25DeathxShinigami
Marathon Maps Chart Pack (osu!mania)2013-08-01 04:44:18DeathxShinigami
Marathon Maps Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-08-01 04:44:17DeathxShinigami
Marathon Maps Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-08-01 04:44:16DeathxShinigami
Marathon Maps Chart Pack2013-08-01 04:44:13DeathxShinigami
July 2013 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2013-07-16 04:32:17DeathxShinigami
July 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-07-16 04:32:16DeathxShinigami
July 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-07-16 04:32:14DeathxShinigami
July 2013 Chart Pack2013-07-16 04:32:13DeathxShinigami
June 2013 Chart Pack (osu!mania)2013-06-17 07:59:45DeathxShinigami
June 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22013-06-15 05:21:18DeathxShinigami
June 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12013-06-15 05:20:58DeathxShinigami
June 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-06-15 05:20:36DeathxShinigami
June 2013 Chart Pack2013-06-15 05:20:10DeathxShinigami
May 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-05-15 04:01:40DeathxShinigami
May 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-05-15 04:01:38DeathxShinigami
May 2013 Chart Pack2013-05-15 04:01:36DeathxShinigami
April 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-04-16 03:56:36DeathxShinigami
April 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-04-16 03:56:34DeathxShinigami
April 2013 Chart Pack 2013-04-16 03:56:30DeathxShinigami
March 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22013-03-16 06:03:27DeathxShinigami
March 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12013-03-16 06:03:25DeathxShinigami
March 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-03-16 06:03:21DeathxShinigami
March 2013 Chart Pack2013-03-16 06:03:19DeathxShinigami
Video Games Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-03-02 06:42:29DeathxShinigami
Video Games Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-03-02 06:42:26DeathxShinigami
Video Games Chart Pack2013-03-02 06:42:24DeathxShinigami
February 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-02-16 01:53:02DeathxShinigami
February 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-02-16 01:53:00DeathxShinigami
February 2013 Chart Pack2013-02-16 01:52:58DeathxShinigami
Love Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-02-02 03:34:13DeathxShinigami
Love Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-02-02 03:34:11DeathxShinigami
Love Chart Pack2013-02-02 03:33:59DeathxShinigami
January 2013 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2013-01-15 15:31:51DeathxShinigami
January 2013 Chart Pack (Taiko)2013-01-15 15:31:49DeathxShinigami
January 2013 Chart Pack Part 22013-01-15 15:31:48DeathxShinigami
January 2013 Chart Pack Part 12013-01-15 15:31:46DeathxShinigami
Best of 2012 Chart Pack Part 22013-01-10 10:46:58DeathxShinigami
Best of 2012 Chart Pack Part 12013-01-10 10:41:41DeathxShinigami
Winter, Christmas Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12012-12-31 03:11:33DeathxShinigami
Winter, Christmas Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-12-31 03:11:31DeathxShinigami
Winter, Christmas Chart Pack Part 22012-12-31 03:11:28DeathxShinigami
Winter, Christmas Chart Pack Part 12012-12-31 03:11:26DeathxShinigami
Winter, Christmas Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22012-12-31 03:11:23DeathxShinigami
December 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22012-12-17 01:52:22DeathxShinigami
December 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12012-12-17 01:52:20DeathxShinigami
December 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 22012-12-17 01:52:18DeathxShinigami
December 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 12012-12-17 01:52:16DeathxShinigami
December 2012 Chart Pack Part 22012-12-17 01:52:15DeathxShinigami
December 2012 Chart Pack Part 12012-12-17 01:52:12DeathxShinigami
November 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22012-11-16 02:14:25DeathxShinigami
November 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 22012-11-16 02:14:21DeathxShinigami
November 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 12012-11-16 02:14:20DeathxShinigami
November 2012 Chart Pack Part 22012-11-16 02:14:18DeathxShinigami
November 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12012-11-16 02:04:27DeathxShinigami
November 2012 Chart Pack Part 12012-11-16 01:58:24DeathxShinigami
Collabs Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-11-03 15:08:42DeathxShinigami
Collabs Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 22012-11-03 15:08:40DeathxShinigami
Collabs Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 12012-11-03 15:08:37DeathxShinigami
Collabs Chart Pack Part 22012-11-03 15:08:35DeathxShinigami
Collabs Chart Pack Part 12012-11-03 15:08:33DeathxShinigami
October 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-10-16 00:58:30DeathxShinigami
October 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-10-16 00:58:28DeathxShinigami
October 2012 Chart Pack Part 22012-10-16 00:58:27DeathxShinigami
October 2012 Chart Pack Part 12012-10-16 00:58:25DeathxShinigami
Relaxing Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-10-02 01:53:09DeathxShinigami
Relaxing Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 22012-10-02 01:53:08DeathxShinigami
Relaxing Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 12012-10-02 01:53:06DeathxShinigami
Relaxing Chart Pack2012-10-02 01:53:04DeathxShinigami
September 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-09-16 02:10:37DeathxShinigami
September 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-09-16 02:10:35DeathxShinigami
September 2012 Chart Pack2012-09-16 02:10:33DeathxShinigami
Dance Dance Revolution Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-09-02 01:22:19DeathxShinigami
Dance Dance Revolution Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-09-02 01:22:17DeathxShinigami
Dance Dance Revolution Chart Pack2012-09-02 01:22:15DeathxShinigami
August 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-08-15 11:47:02DeathxShinigami
August 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-08-15 11:47:00DeathxShinigami
August 2012 Chart Pack2012-08-15 11:46:58DeathxShinigami
English Pop Rock Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-08-02 08:02:14DeathxShinigami
English Pop Rock Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-08-02 08:02:11DeathxShinigami
English Pop Rock Chart Pack2012-08-02 08:02:09DeathxShinigami
July 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22012-07-16 14:43:43DeathxShinigami
July 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12012-07-16 14:43:34DeathxShinigami
July 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-07-16 14:43:25DeathxShinigami
July 2012 Chart Pack Part 22012-07-16 14:43:18DeathxShinigami
July 2012 Chart Pack Part 12012-07-16 14:43:10DeathxShinigami
DJMAX Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22012-07-02 14:39:24DeathxShinigami
DJMAX Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12012-07-02 14:38:48DeathxShinigami
DJMAX Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 22012-07-02 14:37:53DeathxShinigami
DJMAX Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 12012-07-02 14:36:00DeathxShinigami
DJMAX Chart Pack Part 22012-07-02 14:34:52DeathxShinigami
DJMAX Chart Pack Part 12012-07-02 14:32:27DeathxShinigami
June 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-06-16 15:30:49DeathxShinigami
June 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-06-16 15:30:47DeathxShinigami
June 2012 Chart Pack2012-06-16 15:30:45DeathxShinigami
Vocaloid Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 22012-06-04 01:25:05DeathxShinigami
Vocaloid Chart Pack Part 22012-06-04 00:38:15DeathxShinigami
Vocaloid Chart Pack (Catch the Beat) Part 12012-06-02 03:32:13DeathxShinigami
Vocaloid Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-06-02 03:32:11DeathxShinigami
Vocaloid Chart Pack Part 12012-06-02 03:32:08DeathxShinigami
May 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-05-22 23:41:04DeathxShinigami
May 2012 Chart Pack2012-05-22 23:38:22DeathxShinigami
May 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-05-22 23:00:21DeathxShinigami
April 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-04-16 06:12:49DeathxShinigami
April 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-04-16 06:12:47DeathxShinigami
April 2012 Chart Pack2012-04-16 06:12:45DeathxShinigami
Approved Beatmap Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-04-03 12:28:45DeathxShinigami
Approved Beatmap Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-04-03 12:28:43DeathxShinigami
Approved Beatmap Chart Pack Part 22012-04-03 12:28:41DeathxShinigami
Approved Beatmap Chart Pack Part 12012-04-03 12:28:38DeathxShinigami
March 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-03-15 13:41:16DeathxShinigami
March 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 22012-03-15 13:41:14DeathxShinigami
March 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko) Part 12012-03-15 13:41:11DeathxShinigami
March 2012 Chart Pack Part 22012-03-15 13:41:09DeathxShinigami
March 2012 Chart Pack Part 12012-03-15 13:41:06DeathxShinigami
Best of James, Al-Azif, and DaRRi MIx Chart Pack2012-03-01 14:34:15DeathxShinigami
February 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-02-20 08:05:44DeathxShinigami
February 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-02-20 08:05:42DeathxShinigami
February 2012 Chart Pack2012-02-20 08:05:40DeathxShinigami
January 2012 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2012-01-17 09:12:05DeathxShinigami
January 2012 Chart Pack (Taiko)2012-01-17 09:12:03DeathxShinigami
January 2012 Chart Pack2012-01-17 09:12:01DeathxShinigami
Best of 2011 Chart Pack Part 22012-01-07 16:30:32DeathxShinigami
Best of 2011 Chart Pack Part 12012-01-07 16:30:24DeathxShinigami
December 2011 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2011-12-16 13:56:44DeathxShinigami
December 2011 Chart Pack (Taiko)2011-12-16 13:56:42DeathxShinigami
December 2011 Chart Pack Part 22011-12-16 13:56:39DeathxShinigami
December 2011 Chart Pack Part 12011-12-16 13:56:36DeathxShinigami
November 2011 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2011-11-13 13:48:00DeathxShinigami
November 2011 Chart Pack (Taiko)2011-11-13 13:47:59DeathxShinigami
November 2011 Chart Pack2011-11-13 13:47:56DeathxShinigami
Beatmania IIDX Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2011-10-28 10:25:50DeathxShinigami
Beatmania IIDX Chart Pack (Taiko)2011-10-28 10:25:47DeathxShinigami
Beatmania IIDX Chart Pack2011-10-28 10:25:44DeathxShinigami
October 2011 Chart Pack (Catch the Beat)2011-10-09 13:54:15DeathxShinigami
October 2011 Chart Pack (Taiko)2011-10-09 13:54:06DeathxShinigami
October 2011 Chart Pack2011-10-09 13:53:54DeathxShinigami
September 2011 Chart Pack2011-09-08 07:25:04DeathxShinigami
Touhou Chart Pack2011-08-13 23:34:34DeathxShinigami
August 2011 Chart Pack2011-08-05 14:25:36DeathxShinigami
August 2010 Chart Pack2011-08-05 00:12:53DeathxShinigami
June 2010 Chart Pack2011-08-05 00:07:59DeathxShinigami
May 2010 Chart Pack2011-08-05 00:03:58DeathxShinigami
April 2010 Chart Pack2011-08-05 00:00:12DeathxShinigami
March 2010 Chart Pack2011-08-05 23:55:07DeathxShinigami
February 2010 Chart Pack2011-08-04 23:53:11DeathxShinigami
Best of 2009 Chart Pack Part 22011-08-04 23:47:26DeathxShinigami
Best of 2009 Chart Pack Part 12011-08-04 23:41:59DeathxShinigami
3 Snap Chart Pack2011-07-13 09:17:13DeathxShinigami
December 2009 Chart Pack2011-06-18 00:05:10DeathxShinigami
November 2009 Chart Pack2011-06-16 00:46:29DeathxShinigami
October 2009 Chart Pack Part 42011-06-16 00:40:23DeathxShinigami
October 2009 Chart Pack Part 32011-06-16 00:39:02DeathxShinigami
October 2009 Chart Pack Part 22011-06-16 00:38:33DeathxShinigami
October 2009 Chart Pack Part 12011-06-16 00:37:24DeathxShinigami
June 2011 Chart Pack2011-06-12 00:24:33DeathxShinigami
May 2011 Chart Pack2011-05-18 11:50:10DeathxShinigami
April 2011 Chart Pack2011-04-08 03:20:10DeathxShinigami
March 2011 Chart Pack2011-03-08 11:54:46DeathxShinigami
February 2011 Chart Pack2011-02-08 11:40:46DeathxShinigami
Best of 2010 Chart Pack Part 22011-01-09 07:04:51DeathxShinigami
Best of 2010 Chart Pack Part 12011-01-09 07:01:27DeathxShinigami
Mod Restricted Chart #1 Pack2010-12-10 03:43:17DeathxShinigami
December 2010 Chart Pack2010-12-06 01:41:06DeathxShinigami
November 2010 Chart Pack2013-02-17 14:09:52DeathxShinigami
October 2010 Chart Pack2010-10-07 00:11:59DeathxShinigami
September 2010 Chart Pack2013-02-17 14:09:49DeathxShinigami