Beatmap Pack Listing


Installation: Once a pack has been downloaded, extract the .rar into your osu! Songs directory. All songs are still .zip'd and/or .osz'd inside the pack, so osu! will need to extract the beatmaps itself the next time you go into Play mode. Do NOT extract the zip's/osz's yourself, or the beatmaps will display incorrectly in osu and will not function properly.

Also note that it is highly recommended to download the packs from latest to earliest, since the oldest maps are of much lower quality than most recent maps.
Pack Date Uploaded by
Anime Pack, Volume 12016-02-26 00:30:00Stefan
Anime Pack, Volume 22016-02-27 00:30:00Stefan
Anime Pack, Volume 32016-02-28 00:30:00Stefan
Anime Pack, Volume 42016-02-29 00:30:00Stefan
Bad Apple!! Pack - Seductive Temptation2015-12-21 00:30:00Stefan
Best of 2007!2013-04-17 04:53:31DeathxShinigami
Best of 2008!2013-04-17 04:08:12DeathxShinigami
Best of 2009! - English Rock/Pop/Hip Hop2013-04-17 05:03:48DeathxShinigami
Best of 2015!2016-02-06 21:00:00Stefan
Best of 2016!2017-02-20 00:30:00Stefan
Best of 9802010-03-13 02:22:07DeathxShinigami
Best of Catch the Beat - Community Voting2017-02-06 00:35:00Stefan
Best of darrihuka!2010-03-23 01:58:31DeathxShinigami
Best of Gens2010-03-15 03:41:58DeathxShinigami
Best of Larto & Pals2010-05-06 00:13:14DeathxShinigami
Best of orioncomet2011-07-02 06:53:49DeathxShinigami
Best of osu!mania 4Keys - Community Voting2017-02-06 00:40:00Stefan
Best of osu!mania 7Keys - Community Voting2017-02-06 00:45:00Stefan
Best of osu!mania Anti-Meta - Community Voting2017-02-06 00:50:00Stefan
Best of Taiko - Community Voting2017-02-06 00:30:00Stefan
Best of Taiko - OnosakiHito2016-10-23 23:30:00Stefan
Cartoon Pack2015-12-14 00:30:00Stefan
Easy Series #12013-04-17 03:46:40DeathxShinigami
Easy Series #22010-05-02 07:43:04DeathxShinigami
Easy Series #32013-04-17 06:09:36DeathxShinigami
Easy Series #42012-06-14 12:46:25DeathxShinigami
Eyecatcher Pack - Storyboards done amazing2017-01-09 00:30:00Stefan
Halloween Spotlight 20162016-10-28 23:30:00Ephemeral
Hardcore!! Pack2013-04-17 03:10:39DeathxShinigami
Holiday Pack 20092009-12-25 00:26:57DeathxShinigami
Holiday Pack 20112012-01-02 12:15:17DeathxShinigami
Holiday Pack 20152015-12-26 00:30:00Stefan
Holiday Pack 20172017-12-18 08:30:00Stefan
IIDX Pack, Volume 12013-04-18 00:17:46DeathxShinigami
IIDX Pack, Volume 22013-04-18 00:18:00DeathxShinigami
Internet Pack, Volume 12016-01-16 00:35:00Stefan
Internet Pack, Volume 22016-01-17 01:00:00Stefan
Internet Pack, Volume 32016-01-18 00:35:00Stefan
Internet Pack, Volume 42016-01-18 00:45:00Stefan
Japanese Electro Pack, Volume 12016-01-11 00:30:00Pannari
Korean Pack, Volume 12009-12-04 05:36:03DeathxShinigami
Korean Pack, Volume 22011-08-05 05:22:35DeathxShinigami
Korean Pack, Volume 32013-02-16 02:30:29DeathxShinigami
Korean Pack, Volume 42016-01-25 00:30:00Stefan
Mapper Choice Award Pack - 2017 Edition2017-02-11 11:15:00Stefan
Mapper's Guild Pack I2018-02-22 19:46:22the Mapper's Guild
Mappers' Guild Pack 22018-06-06 14:32:43the Mappers' Guild
Mappers' Guild Pack 32018-08-13 18:08:55the Mappers' Guild
Metal Pack, Volume 12016-01-07 05:10:00DeathxShinigami/Stefan
Metal Pack, Volume 22016-01-25 00:31:00Stefan
Nightcore Pack, Volume 12011-03-11 08:26:30[Sean]
Nightcore Pack, Volume 22011-03-11 08:29:33[Sean]
Nightcore Pack, Volume 32011-03-11 08:31:29[Sean]
Nightcore Pack, Volume 42011-11-15 07:08:42DeathxShinigami/[Sean]
Nightcore Pack, Volume 52015-02-12 02:35:32[Sean]
Nightcore Pack, Volume 62015-02-12 02:36:00[Sean]
Nightcore Pack, Volume 72015-02-12 02:36:30[Sean]
osu!classic Pack, Volume 12016-05-01 22:30:00Stefan
osu!classic Pack, Volume 22016-05-01 23:00:00Stefan
osu!classic Pack, Volume 32016-05-01 23:30:00Stefan
osu!classic Pack, Volume 42016-05-02 00:00:00Stefan
osu!tunes Pack - Songs from the Community2016-02-15 00:30:00Stefan
Pasonia Presents - SELECTIONS2013-04-17 02:41:21DeathxShinigami
Quick Play Pack, Volume 1 (Standard)2017-05-22 03:30:00Stefan
Quick Play Pack, Volume 2 (Standard)2017-05-22 03:35:00Stefan
Quick Play Pack, Volume 3 (Standard)2017-05-22 03:40:00Stefan
Quick Play Pack, Volume 4 (Standard)2017-05-22 03:45:00Stefan
Quick Play Pack, Volume 5 (Special Modes)2017-05-22 03:50:00Stefan
Rhythm Game Music Pack, Volume 12016-04-16 23:30:00Stefan
Rhythm Game Music Pack, Volume 22016-04-17 00:00:00Stefan
Rhythm Game Music Pack, Volume 32016-04-17 23:30:00Stefan
Rhythm Game Music Pack, Volume 42016-04-18 00:00:00Stefan
Rock & Metal Collection Pack, Volume 1 (Mixed Modes)2018-02-12 06:00:00frukoyurdakul
Rock & Metal Collection Pack, Volume 2 (Mixed Modes)2018-02-15 10:15:00frukoyurdakul
Rock & Metal Collection Pack, Volume 3 (Mixed Modes)2018-02-15 10:16:00frukoyurdakul
Rock & Metal Collection Pack, Volume 4 (Taiko)2018-02-15 10:17:00frukoyurdakul
Taiko Beginner Pack, Vol. 12017-02-27 00:30:00Unmei Muma
Touhou Music Pack2016-05-16 00:00:00Stefan
Video Game Pack, Volume 12016-01-16 00:30:00Stefan
Video Game Pack, Volume 22016-01-17 00:30:00Stefan
Video Game Pack, Volume 32016-01-18 00:30:00Stefan
Video Game Pack, Volume 42016-01-18 00:40:00Stefan