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osu! is a free-to-win game (as in no microtransactions), but running it is most definitely not so free. Between the cost of commissioning servers and high quality international bandwidth, the time spent maintaining the system and community, providing prizes for competitions, answering support questions and generally keeping people happy, osu! consumes quite a hefty amount of money! Oh, and don't forget the fact that we do it without any advertising or partnering with silly toolbars and the likes!
osu! is at the end of the day largely run by myself, to which you may know best as "peppy". I have had to quit my day job in order to keep up with osu!, and do at times struggle to maintain the standards I strive for. I would like to offer my personal thanks to those who have supported osu! thus far, and just as much to those who continue to support this amazing game and community into the future :).
– Dean (peppy) Herbert

Why should I support osu!?

  • Developed and maintained predominantly by one guy in Australia.
  • Takes so much time to keep running that it's no longer possible to call it a "hobby".
  • No ads anywhere. Unlike 99.95% of the web, we don't profit off shoving stuff in your face.
  • You get some extra goodies!

Oh? What do I get?!

  • osu!direct: quick and easy access to search beatmaps without leaving the game.
  • Automatic downloads when playing multiplayer, spectating others, or clicking links in chat!
  • Increased beatmap submission limits (four additional pending beatmap slots).
  • Access to early releases, where you can try new features before they go public!
  • Customise your profile by adding a fully customisable user page.
  • Filter beatmap searches by played and unplayed maps.
  • Be recognised in-game with your new bright yellow chat username colour.
  • More lenient download restrictions, especially when using osu!direct.
  • The ability to change your username (first change is free with supporter).
  • Extra in-game skinnables, like the main menu background.
  • Votes for feature requests (2 per month).
  • The ability to view beatmap country / friend / mod-specific rankings in-game.
  • The warm and fuzzy feeling of doing your part to keep osu! running smoothly!
  • More to come!

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