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↱ Medals
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Achievements (also called Medals) are little badges on one's profile which indicate that someone has accomplished an exceptional goal. Currently, they are divided into 4 groups.


Beatmap Packs

The Beatmap Packs achievements can be obtained by playing every beatmap all the way through at least once in any difficulty within one Theme Beatmap Pack. You must play in Standard mode to qualify a CLEARED status at the Beatmap Pack Listing and the badge.

There are currently 16 achievements in this group which are divided into 4 sections:

  • Video Game Pack
  • Anime Pack
  • Internet! Pack
  • Rhythm Game Pack

Each of these sections currently have 4 volumes to them.

Requirements & Notes about getting the badge.


  • Finishing every beatmap once in any difficulty within one Theme Beatmap Pack.
  • The mode must be osu! Standard.
  • Extract the Theme pack, drop all the .zip beatmaps into osu! Songs list. Open your osu! and start playing. That's all.
    • If the beatmap is in .zip form, drop it as .zip form and don't go around making folders for them. If you do make folders for them, you may not get the achievement and the CLEARED status at its Beatmap Pack Listing
    • Alternately, you can download the songs inside manually one by one and it would still count.
  • Any variations (like different creator) of the song is not counted. It MUST be that specific song and that specific creator at that specific Beatmap.
  • Your account in question must be logged in to your osu! game. Logging in osu! website but not the game do not count.
  • Mods can be used except mods that can cause unranked play (like Auto-pilot). Use the mods wisely to your favour.


  • After you complete your achievement, you can choose to delete the songs of the theme. Your achievement, ranked score and accuracy will stay. If you want to improve your ranked score and accuracy of the beatmap, you must personally bring back that beatmap in again.
  • If you wonder why you didn't get the badge and feels like you missed out a song, you can always check the Beatmap Pack Listing there. The song you completed will be marked CLEARED in bold.
  • Badge given after you complete all the songs in that theme in question.
    • Be patient and make sure your score is submitted and ranked properly first. You won't want to repeat that beatmap song again especially if it is hard for you right?
  • Make good use of the Offset Wizard. The songs are quite old and some hit-circles may come late/early so make sure to look out for Online Offset should it appeared.



Skill achievements are currently divided into three groups: Combo, High Ranker, and Star-based

The Combo achievements can be obtained by gaining a specific Combo in osu! Standard mode and can be completed with any one song.
Achieving the same combo in Taiko, Catch the Beat or osu!mania mode does not result in getting the achievement.

For 1,000 and 2,000 combo achievement, you should find approved beatmaps instead of ranked beatmaps. Do not search for unapproved beatmaps.

The High Ranker achievements can be obtained by reaching a certain global ranking position in any game mode.

Star-based achivements are split into two groups, Pass and S. The Pass achievements can be obtained by passing any map of a certain star difficulty. The S achievements will be obtained if you pass the map with a S ranking whilst also having a FC. The difficulty of the map will round to the nearest star difficulty and will give the achievement for what it rounds to. The map must be passed without difficulty increasing or difficulty decreasing mods or else it will not count. The map must also be ranked to be able to earn an achievement.


The Dedication achievements can be obtained by (playing a lot of times in Standard mode/ collecting many fruits in Catch the Beat mode/ hitting a lot of drum hits in Taiko mode / pressing a lot of keys in Mania).


Achievements of this kind have no obvious way to get them. The player himself must find out what he needs to do in order to unlock the achievement. The title itself is a clue.

External Link

  • peppy's Achievement Graphics [1]

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