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BanchoBot's tab.

BanchoBot is a bot (i.e. a set of commands with automated responses) programmed by Echo49 that can assists people in chat by displaying certain information and announcing game-related messages. BanchoBot is your host for the osu!chat server and has a profile named BanchoBot.

Appearance and task

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  • Opens BanchoBot tab on your chat console. It will show you a list of commands as stated in the table.
    • If you have called BanchoBot tab, any command you use will appear at BanchoBot tab regardless on which tab you are currently in when you issue the command. (except channel op)
    • If you send the COMMAND without an exclamation mark ("!") while in BanchoBot tab, BanchoBot still receives same like when you use /bb
  • You can't use exclamation mark based command on non-BanchoBot Private Message tab.
Standard Commands (!COMMAND or /bb COMMAND)
COMMAND Effect Example BanchoBot response
WHERE <user> Shows location of stated player !where John John is in USA
STATS <user> Shows status of stated player
(based on current player tab)
!stats John Stats for John is Idle
Score:00 (#0)
Plays:2 (lvl 4)
FAQ <L.code><item> (list) Various usage.
[list] List of usable commands
[1]!faq wiki
[2]!faq ru:wiki
[1] The osu! Wiki - Make it awesome!
[2] Примите участие в заполнении вики!
REPORT <reason> Call for a moderator !report Thomas offending comments Chat moderators has been alerted. Thanks for your help.
(Messages of Thomas at the chat console will be deleted and he will be silenced for a given time)
REQUEST (list) Show a random recent mod request.
[list] Shows 5 random recent mod request
!request Seether - Fake It by [Dellirium]
ROLL <number> Roll a (virtual) dice and get random result from 1 to <number>(default 100) !roll 9000 John rolls 1337 point(s)


  • List of maps for REQUEST doesn't update for a long time, so you may even get a map that's ranked already.

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