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Beats is a DDR/Stepmania emulator with an extra osu! mod by Us.gif Keripo for Android platform.

The final build is 1.7.5b as in 10th April 2014. Previous builds can be found here. Please note that the osu! mode is based on osu! as in February 2011 and there will be no support for osu! (superseded by osu!droid since August 2011) in Beats 2 .


  1. Operate your phone and connect to Internet (either by data or Wi-Fi).
  2. Go to "Play Store".
  3. Search for "Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game" (14MB).
  4. Install it.

How to play

  1. Select your preferable play style at upper-right corner (Stepmania or osu! Mod)
  2. Select your difficulty at upper-left corner (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenge)
  3. Tap on "SELECT SONG"
  4. Click on the song file you want to play
    You need to do some navigation if you want to access your osu!droid Songs folder.
  5. Enjoy your game.


  • You can enable autoplay by tapping a hidden "AUTO" below the difficulty name located at upper left of the screen.
  • It's entirely possible to play .osu files as stepmania charts.

Sample Songs

Lisek's Stepfiles

"SELECT SONG" screen.
  • Chaoz Impact
  • Defection
  • dEKA
  • Freezing Flames
  • Half Symphony
  • Hyper Hyper
  • Isengard
  • Star Crossed
  • Summer
  • Tetris (Rock Version)



(The design may vary depending on your device)

Game Settings
Difficulty Level Default difficulty level of song (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenge)
  • For .osu, this is used to estimate and autoselect a difficulty mode. Unless you only have one difficulty, it will cause certain difficulties locked out especially songs with high to absurd amount of difficulties in a beatmap.
  • You can also change difficulty in the main menu by tapping on the difficulty name in upper-left of the screen.
Speed Falling Speed of notes (Default: 2.00x)
  • 1.00x ~ 3.00x with increments of 0.25x each
  • 3.50x
  • 4.00x ~ 10.00x with increments of 1.00x each
Game Mode Mode of displaying notes
  • Reverse/Down (Stepmania only)
  • Standard/Up (Stepmania only)
  • osu! Mod
  • osu! Mod Rand (osu! with Random mod on)
Tapbox layout (Stepmania only) Arrangement of tapboxes
  • D-Pad
  • Curved
  • Curved-R
  • Standard
  • Fullscreen
[1] Modifiers Modifiers affecting the notes data or appearance [Refer table below]
Display Settings
Hardware Acceleration May improve FPS
  • Default
  • Off
  • On
[2] Game Screen Screen during gameplay. [Refer table below]
Note Skin Note graphics to load
  • Default
  • Original
  • Custom
Menu Background Background image for main menu and stepfiles without one
  • Blue (Default)
  • Red
  • White
Tap Settings
Tapbox Fading (Stepmania only) Transparency of tapboxes
  • 100%
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 10%
Tapbox Overlap (Stepmania only) Horizontal overlap of adjacent tapboxes
  • 0%
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%
Vibration Vibration/haptic feedback settings
  • Vibrate on Tap / Vibrate on Holds / Vibrate on Miss (incl. Autoplay)
    • Heavy
    • Light (Default)
    • Off
  • Additional Vibrations (App/Song startup) / Vibrate with UHL (Immersion's "Universal Haptic Layer" technology)
    • On (Default)
    • Off
Machine Settings
Music Offset Manually adjust this only if timing is off-sync.
  • 0.000s ~ +/-0.400s w/ difference in 0.013s/0.012s.
OGG Offset Manually adjust this only if .ogg music is off-sync (I use -0.325s).
  • 0.000s ~ +/-0.400s w/ difference in 0.013s/0.012s.
Judgement Strictness of accuracy scoring
  • Too Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal (Default)
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Impossible
Display Percentage Display percentage instead of letter grade in scoreboard
[3] Info Links and Info about Beats [Refer table below]
[4] Advanced Settings Advanced modifications. [Refer table below]
Language Change displayed language
Reset High Scores / Reset All Settings Reset high scores / Restore to default. Works on next app startup.

[1] Modifiers

Auto-Play (Auto mod) Use auto-play for learning song patterns (or for the lolz!)
Dark (Stepmania only) Hide tap arrows
Appearance Visibility of notes
  • Visible
  • Hidden (Hidden mod)
  • Sudden (Judgement circle appears at last seconds)
  • Invisible (No judgement circle)
Holds Notes that have to be held down
Jumps (Stepmania only) Multiple notes per line
Randomize Randomize notee patterns (ignore holds)
  • Off
  • Static
  • Dynamic

[2] Game Screen

Game Screen
Game Interface
Fullscreen Hide status and title bars
Screen Orientation Default screen orientation during gameplay
  • Landscape
  • Potraits
  • Rotatable
Show FPS Display current and average framerate (# of frames updates/sec)
Screenshot mode Enable this to take screenshot by pausing.
Game Background
Show Background Draw the Background image
Load Song Background Load song-specific background image
Background Brightness Background image brightness
  • 100%
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 10%
Background Filtering Smoothen background image (may reduce FPS)

[3] Info

Website Go to https://beatsportable.com/
Forums Go to https://beatsportable.com/forum/
Tutorial Go to https://beatsportable.com/tutorial/
Demo Go to https://beatsportable.com/demo/
To-Do List Go to https://beatsportable.com/todo/
Changelog Go to https://beatsportable.com/changelog/
Donate Go to https://beatsportable.com/donate/
Credits A bit about the devs and all others to thank.

[4] Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings
Health Penalty Health loss per note missed
  • -2HP
  • -4HP (Default)
  • -6HP
  • -8HP
  • -10HP
Health Total Maximum health value
  • 50HP
  • 100HP (Default)
  • 200HP
  • 500HP
  • 9000+HP
Audio Re-sync Notes-audio sync duration for startup and pause/resume
  • 0.50s
  • 1.00s
  • 1.50s
  • 2.00s
Song Browsing
Auto-Start Automatically start game upon stepfile selection
Shorten Folder Names Remove (...) and [...] tags from folder entries in "SELECT MUSIC"
Stepfile Folder Checking Disable to directly open directionaries with stepfiles
Install Sample Songs Re-install sample songs on next startup
Beta Notes Display beta notes on next startup
Timing Debugging Display exact note and sync time diffs
LogCat Debugging Print warning/error messages to LogCat
Tapbox Debugging Draw exact tapbox boxes


Why is osu! mod here is under-developed?

  • Pesets's osu!droid does the job already. There is no reason for the developer to continue when there is a port for osu! that does better.

Can it play osu!mania songs?

  • No. It can only play:-
    • StepMania 3.9 ".sm" format
    • Dance With Intensity v2.50.00 ".dwi" format
    • osu! ".osu" format.


  • Autoplay can completely ignore the rule and always get Marvelous and OK even when the hitcircles stray to the invisible end of the playfield


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