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Collaborations are one of the most difficult types of mapping to achieve. There are a lot of factors to include... Here are some tips to consider when making a collaboration.


Be sure

What does that mean?

  • Be sure of what song you are choosing.
  • Be sure to split the parts and consider breaks. (It's much more fun if you can split parts evenly.)
  • Be sure to both agree on the map settings.
  • Be sure of what mappers you are considering and to ask them before submitting a map. (It's polite.)
  • Be sure that you can follow through till the end with a collab. (That you can keep on continuing and that whoever is in the collab has to be attentive and present at all times)

This step is, in essence, a confirmation step to see whether that doing a collaboration is right for you. From this, it branches of from the dot points.

Song Selection

A step that can be easily dismissed, hazardous if done so.

  • Choose a song that you can all agree on.
  • Timing is always an important thing.
  • Songs that have distinct changes to the music or have distinct parts are usually the ones to choose when collaborating.


It is usually good to have parts in which you and the other person/people that you are working with can clearly start mapping.

  • First, it is advised that you bookmark your section of the song. Preferably even as possible.
  • Regardless of who starts mapping, it much more easier to go from start to finish instead of you mapping all your parts altogether. That way, it is much more easier to flow and play better.
  • Remember to partition in breaks. Most people forget that.

Map Settings

If you can't agree on map settings...it's going to be detrimental.

  • Agree on a Slider Velocity. This was a big killer for Last Time Travel and Gonna Be Here.
  • Agree on distance snapping and spacing in general. Look at Be Your Wings.
  • Agree on difficulty settings.


This is the part where most people go crazy. Getting mappers that you might dream about to have might not be so easy but if you do get them, you must be ready in every aspect before you start.

  • Develop your own mapping skills. One of the key aspects. If the person you want to collab with doesn't like how you map... You can kiss collaborating good-bye.
  • Choose someone who has a similar style to you. It can often be easier when mapping, to flow together.
  • Make sure that you all can contact each other easily... This is important because if the people you are working with disappear for whatever reason, you are left stranded.

Remember, always keep in mind that a good map is one that takes time and is at it's highest potential. Collaborations are often one of the most hardest maps to get ranked. A few reasons being:

  • You have more than one mapper, and if modders find a problem in your other mappers section, your other mapper has to solve it.
  • Parts can clash and the flow of the map can be really hard to pull off.
  • Collaborations are the hardest map to start off and complete.

Just remember, collaborations, despite being complex to begin and follow through, are often the most rewarding once completed.

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