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Monthly Beatmapping Contest

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  • Winners of this contest will receive the "Elite Mapper" forum title
  • Only winners of #1 to #5 had their beatmap bundled (along with osu! tutorial) into osu!installer. The rest do not unless stated otherwise.
Contest Beatmap Mapper(s) Results Scores
#1 Rostik - Liquid (Paul Rosenthal Remix) Osu.gif Charles445 Results Score #1
#2 cYsmix feat. Emmy - Tear Rain Osu.gif jonathanlfj Results Score #2
#3 Chasers - Lost Osu.gif ktgster Results Score #3
#4 Kuba Oms - My Love Osu.gif W h i t e Results Score #4
#5 Rameses B - Flaklypa Osu.gif -kevincela- Results Score #5
#6 LeaF - Evanescent Osu.gif Charles445 Results Score #6
#7 Soleily - Renatus Osu.gif Gamu Results Score #7.1
Taiko.gif MMzz Score #7.2
Ctb.gif Deif Score #7.3
Mania.gif ExPew Score #7.4
#8 raja_ffm - the light Osu.gif Damnae Results Score #8
#9 Furries in a Blender - Storm World Taiko.gif Firce777 Results Score #9
#10 Hylian Lemon - Foresight Is for Losers Ctb.gif ZiRoX Results Score #10
#11 Freedom Planet - Dragon Valley (Toni Leys Remix feat. Esteban Bellucci) Mania.gif LordRaika Results Score #11
#12 IAHN - Candy Luv Osu.gif Taeyang Results Score #12


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Monthly Fanart Contest

Note: Two winners (by public poll and staff) will each get a full one-year supporter tag and osu!tablet/Pippi Plushie. Runner-ups get one-month supporter tag. You can see a gallery of each contest at the facebook group page.

Contest Theme Placing Public Picks Staff Picks Honorable Mentions Results link
#1 Pippi, the osu! mascot! First kunkun014 Entry Lichatte Entry Kururu-chan Entry Results
Second DumplingYumYum Entry koelgamom Entry JMC Entry
Third pokie Entry Ballance Entry ramikin Entry
Forth Elzapatoverde Entry BurntToaster Entry windswirl Entry
Fifth Hollow Wings Entry ToK Entry iPhone Entry
#2 osu! Around the World! First TapponNANA Entry Anonymous Entry natsukoOwO Entry Results
Second [hews] Entry puddii Entry Hollow Wings Entry
Third gendo0032 Entry pokie Entry y1xiansen Entry
Forth biransei Entry Mocochia Entry Junichiro Entry
Fifth kunkun014 Entry Lempika Entry kan-tree Entry
#3 So Many Stickers! First kaifly Entry yeongji Entry BurntToaster Entry Results
Second Brian OA Entry Jazz Entry KGraff Entry
Third yeongji Entry Kiraii Entry Badou_Rammsteiner Entry
Forth [ Vocal ] Entry UUL Entry Chi Entry
Fifth kunkun014 Entry ScretPipe Entry ERIKATISIMA Entry
#4 A very osu! halloween First DumplingYumYum Entry Anny Entry sh0ta Entry Results
Second CosmicTea Entry RedViolet Entry Kentchan17 Entry
Third RedViolet Entry chocopudding Entry Hollow Wings Entry
Forth JMC Entry hamzilla15 Entry Index-San Entry
Fifth UUL Entry CosmicTea Entry yeongji Entry
#5 Chirstmas First phibonnachee Entry Sunako Entry Chi Entry Results
Second NotKPKevin Entry natsukoOwO Entry Arthesian Entry
Third DQ Shrapnel Entry Yuki Yuki Yukii Entry
Forth Riversouls Entry Katty0505 Entry RainAid Entry
Fifth RedViolet Entry Dustdevilish Entry BurntToaster Entry

osu!store Contests

Note: Winner get osu! store pack (1x osu!tablet, 1x osu! sticker set, 1x osu! sticker set #2, and 6 months supporter tag) while runner-ups get 4 months supporter tag.

Contest Title Requirement Winning selections News Results
#1 osu! Beatmap Blueprints Contest osu! Beatmap Blueprints
"Beatmap anywhere"
(WIN) News [(RES)]

Song covers

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Year Results Original Artist News
2014 osu!idol image for year 2014. #1 yealina - Parallel Hearts FictionJunction News post
Results post
Official thread
#2 Sharlo - 緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix- EastNewSound
#3 MissTitannia - ???  ???
Full Archive sheet for all stages (check by tabs below the spreadsheet)
2015 osu!idol image for year 2015. #1 Sagi - Systematic Love Camelia (Hatsune Miku) News post
Results post
Official thread
#2 CptHampton - Drumming Song Florence + The Machine
#3 yealina - Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi Hyadain
Full Archive sheet for all stages (check by tabs below the spreadsheet)

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