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Handling Cheating/Foul Play

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Foul Play


Why am I banned?

  • 10 silences issued in your userpage.
  • You gave your account to somebody else.
  • Using multiple accounts.
  • Cheating (see below).

What is considered cheating?

As the rules says, any form of manipulation of the client; score hacking, macro-enabled full-combo sequences, and auto-aim are all considered cheating.

This is a one-strike rule; cheaters will be permanently banned.

I have been banned for cheating. I didn't cheat!

osu! uses an automated metrics combined with manual confirmation.

The staff never places an incorrect ban for cheating. Before they do any actions, they make sure it first 100%.

My friend has been banned for cheating! They definitely wouldn't cheat! You are wrong!

It may be hard to come to terms with, but you will have to trust the staff. peppy is not trying to tear apart friendships but he knows that nearly no one can be trusted. Even those people who are close to you that you may never suspect can be just acting behind you or any other person.

Prove that I/they were cheating! Tell us how you know!

The staff cannot say on how can they prove. Giving away the countermeasures would make them useless in further detecting cheaters.

I'll make a video to prove my innocence!

Sorry but if you have been banned, they are already 100% sure you are cheating. A video will not help.

I found someone who is definitely cheating. I can tell by their replay/score! What should I do?

Stay calm.

DON'T discuss their play in public chat.

Don't give them undue attention or ask others to spectate them.

Click the "Report" link at the right side of their score on the beatmap info (website)

Use !report in in-game chat to send a message to moderators.

Example: !report <Username> is suspected to be a cheater.

Your help in spotting foul play is much appreciated. You can also send an email directly to osu@ppy.sh for a relatively fast response.

Is using specialised hardware counted as cheating?

Peripherals such as tablets and touchscreens are fine. Anything which decreases the skill required to play is not. This means that using multiple PCs, input splitters or anything of that kind is considered a no-no.

Obviously, this is hard to monitor unless we are standing next to you, but if you have been accused of such practices, making a video (using a camera) of your play on a map may help clear the air.

How can I request a ban appeal?

Address your emails to accounts@ppy.sh and use a subject of "Ban Appeal: <username>"

Include the reason you were banned (if you have been banned, you know why) and explain why you do not believe your behaviour should have resulted in a ban.

Allow up to five days for a response. If you make an appeal and it is rejected, all further appeals will be rejected.

How can I avoid being silenced or banned?

You can simply read the rules here: Osu!:Rules

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