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Common Editing Protocol

Wiki Editing

Here are some basic wiki editing tips:

  • Headings can be made by surrounding text with equal signs ('=') the more equal signs used the smaller the heading (e.g "=== hi ===" vs "== hi ==", the latter would be a bigger heading).
  • * makes bullet lists.
  • # makes numbered lists.
  • [[foo|bar]] makes a wiki link to page foo while displaying bar.
  • [http://example.com example] makes an external link to example.com while displaying example.
  • '''bold''' for bold.
  • ''italics'' for italics.
  • '''''bold italics''''' for bold italics.
  • <u>underline</u> for an underline text
  • Putting #REDIRECT [[<page name>]] as the only line in a page makes it redirect to <page name> when searched, e.g. putting #REDIRECT [[overall difficulty]] for a page called od.
  • [[wikipedia:osu!]] makes a wikipedia link to the article specified. Example: wikipedia:osu!


When adding a new page to the wiki, categorizing it properly is essential.

To do so, simply add the following to the bottom of your pages when editing them:

[[Category: Beatmapping]]

And so on, replacing Beatmapping with the category that your article is most relevant to. If your article fits under more than one category - simply include the other categories using the same code on the line beneath. For example:

[[Category: Beatmapping]]
[[Category: Taiko]]

This would categorize a page as both related to Beatmapping and Taiko.


  • When making screenshots, try to use jpg for gameplay/informative images and png for skin elements/everything else.
  • When making gameplay screenshots, they must be with the default skin whenever possible (In the case of Taiko screenshots (Gameplay only), the Taiko skin can be used instead).
  • The game screenshots can be up to 1280 x 960 for standard screenshots and 1366 × 768 for widescreen screenshots.


This article/section is a stub. You can help the osu!wiki by expanding it.

Here is a list of smileys you can use on the wiki (especially on talk pages) :

Smiley wink.gif : [[File:Smiley_wink.gif]]
Smiley smile.gif : [[File:Smiley_smile.gif]]
Smiley neutral.gif : [[File:Smiley_neutral.gif]]
Smiley crying.gif : [[File:Smiley_crying.gif]]
Smiley sad.gif : [[File:Smiley_sad.gif]]
Smiley mad.gif : [[File:Smiley_mad.gif]]
Smiley surprised.gif : [[File:Smiley_surprised.gif]]
Smiley razz.gif : [[File:Smiley_razz.gif]]
Smiley confused.gif : [[File:Smiley_confused.gif]]
Smiley grin.gif : [[File:Smiley_grin.gif]]
Smiley cool.gif : [[File:Smiley_cool.gif]]
Smiley lol.gif : [[File:Smiley_lol.gif]]
Smiley redface.gif : [[File:Smiley_redface.gif]]
Smiley rolleyes.gif : [[File:Smiley_rolleyes.gif]]
Icon exclaim.gif : [[File:Icon_exclaim.gif]]
Icon idea.gif : [[File:Icon_idea.gif]]
Icon arrow.gif : [[File:Icon_arrow.gif]]

Articles in Languages Other Than English

Make the page prefixed with the common language code used for your language, so for example:

ZH:Mapping for the Chinese version of the Mapping article or RU:Modding for the Russian version of the Modding article

Please categorize them based on languages too, [[Category:Chinese]] [[Category:Russian]] and so on.

If you are translating into another language, please add your language to the Other Languages page! There's already a few languages and counting, just add yours right at the end of the languages currently present!

If you need to translate a page title in your language, add {{DISPLAYTITLE:My translated title}} at the top of the page and add your translated name on it.

Please use templates

Templates are a common way on Wikipedia in order to use a predefined text to show something. Namely Template:Stub is used to show that an article is a "Stub" and that it is considered a short article that needs more information. In order to use it, simply use the code {{Insert Template name here}} so if I wanted to make this article a stub, it would be {{Stub}} and the output would be this.

This article/section is a stub. You can help the osu!wiki by expanding it.

Reusable templates

Template Description Usage example
{{Profile|1|2|3}} To use this template, type {{Profile|<UserID>|<Name>|<color>}} on the article.

Remember to edit "<UserID>" to the actual user's ID, "<Name>" to any name, and "<color>" is the group color.

When just typing {{Profile}}, it will appear as Anonymous

Code: {{Profile|2295078|Nathanael|green}}

Result: Nathanael

  • 1 = Beatmap number (Please state "s/" or "b/" first)
  • 2 = Name of beatmap
s/ [General beatmap]

Code: {{BML|s/51515|Duca - Clover (mapped by Cilvery)}}
Result: Duca - Clover (mapped by Cilvery)
Source: Manually search your own osu! Songs list / Use osu!website beatmap list searching.

b/ [Specific difficulty in beatmap]
Code: {{BML|b/157857|Duca - Clover [Easy] (mapped by Cilvery)}}
Result: Duca - Clover [Easy] (mapped by Cilvery)
Source: Changing the difficulty tab / the game's "1. Beatmap Listing/Scores"

  • 1 = Forum/thread/post number (Please state "t/" (thread) or "p/" (post) first)
  • 2 = Name of forum/thread

Code: {{Forum|12|Beatmaps}}
Result: Beatmaps

t/ [thread]
Code: {{Forum|t/68479|osu!wiki project}}
Result: osu!wiki project

p/ [post]
Code: {{Forum|p/4516112|XPJ38's reply in osu!wiki project (post #347)}}
Result: XPJ38's reply in osu!wiki project (post #347)

Cautions for template editors

1. Empty newline spacing
Using osu!store Contests page and Template:Osustore as an example.

All template will use all the space provided, including empty newlines but excluding the line with <noinclude> tag.

Picture showing how the wiki takes spacing in template very seriously.


Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Colours

Name Method 1 (Wikipedia) Method 2 (HTML [1]) Method 3 (HTML [2])
Code {{Fontcolor|<text color>|<background color>|<text>}} <span style="color:{Colour name or Hex Triplet}">text here</span> <p style="color:{Colour name or Hex Triplet}; display:inline;">text here</p>
Example usage {{Fontcolor|red||Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet}}
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
<span style="color:red">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</span>
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
<p style="color:red; display:inline;">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p>

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  • Template.
  • Capable of background colour.
  • Extremely distracting and awkward to use.
  • Use <span style> ability.
  • Ease of use.
  • The "display:inline;" code is compulsory. Otherwise, it will insert a new line, below the previous text.

For Hex Triplet reference: http://www.computerhope.com/htmcolor.htm


Simple ver. (Mediawiki) or Advanced ver. (Wikipedia).

Space clear

<br style="clear: both" /> . Use sparingly at end of a header if the thumbnail image invaded the other header's space.



The "Summary:" below the page editing (where you summarise your edit) has 200 characters limit.

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