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History of osu!/5

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History of osu!

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peppy reconsiders that his current business model will not obtain him his "Private osu! G6 Jet" and enables the osu!coin to hopefully increase revenue. Every current player is given 10 osu!coins to play (at the rate of 1 play = 1 osu!coin). These can be replenished after obtaining a combo of multiples of 100. Or simply by purchasing them at these rates:

  • 1 osu!coin = $1 USD
  • 10 osu!coins = $10 USD
  • 1000 osu!coins = $999USD (Saves you 0.001%! BEST VALUE!)
  • Infinite osu!coins = Your first unborn child - osu! needs more team members, have your unborn child work off your debts! :)


The next day, peppy decides to rollback on the osu!coins due to popular demand.