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A sandbox version of this page is under construction (Sandbox-12)
Introduction screen


Main Menu

Main menu

The [1] osu! logo pulses according to the BPM of any song currently playing on the Intro screen. If no song is playing, it pulses at a default slow rate. The keyboard shortcut is in parentheses.

  • [2] Click Play (P) or the logo to switch to the second intro screen.
  • [3] Click Edit (E) to open the song selection Screen for the Editor.
  • [4] Click Options (O) to go to the Options Screen.
  • [5] Click Exit (Esc) to exit osu!.
  • [6] A random useful tip is displayed below the menu.
  • [7] In the lower-left is a link to the osu! website.
  • [8] Connection result to Bancho!
  • [9] In the bottom right is are the chat controls (F8&F9).
  • [10] In the upper-right is the osu! jukebox which plays the songs in random order.
  • [11] Next to the userpanel, the number of beatmaps, current running time of the program and your computer clock time.
  • [12] In the upper-left is your user panel, click on it to display User Options.

User Options

User Options

Access this screen by clicking your user panel at the top left of the Intro Screen. You cannot access the Chat Consoles while viewing the user option screen. You can select any item by pressing the corresponding number on the option

  1. View Profile: Opens up your profile page in your web browser
  2. Sign Out: Log out your account and log in window will slide out
  3. Change Avatar: Open up the edit avatar page in your web browser
  4. Close : Close this window

Play menu

Play Menu
  • Click Solo (P) to play alone.
  • Click Multi (M) to play with other people. Yow will be directed to Multi Screen.
  • Click Back to return to Main Menu

Multi's lobby

Full explanation: Multiplayer

Multi-Play-2016.png Multi play! (Host).jpg

Song Selection Screen

Song selection
Note: You can identify the song selection for a specific mode by checking the transparent leitmotif.
Osu.gif"osu!" is osu!, Taiko.gif"Drum" is Taiko, Ctb.gif"Apple" is Catch the Beat and Mania.gif"Piano" is osu!mania

Because this screen has too many elements to note by easily noticeable numbers, this section will focus on one part of the screen at a time, starting from the top (left to right) and continuing downwards.

Beatmap Information

This area displays information on the beatmap difficulty currently selected. By default, the beatmap whose song is heard in the osu! jukebox is selected when entering the selection screen. The BPM value listed is the deviation between highest and lowest BPM that occurs in the beatmap (timing section changes). "Objects" is the total number of Hit Objects in the beatmap. A Heart.gifheart symbol at the upper left denotes a Ranked beatmap while a Fire.gifflame symbol denotes Approved beatmap. The Unicode title will be used if allowed non-English metadata at Options under General section and the beatmap itself has Unicode title/artist.

  • Style: {Source} ({Artist}) - {Title} [{Difficulty selected}]

Group and Sort

Click on one of the tabs to sort your song list according to the selected criterion.

Group - Most options organize beatmaps into various expandable groups

  • No Grouping - Beatmaps will not be grouped (but will still appear in the order specified by Sort)
  • By Artist - By the first letter, number, or character of the artist's name
  • By BPM - By beats per minute, in multiples of 60
  • By Creator - By the name of the mapset's mapper
  • By Date Added - By today, yesterday, last week, and several groupings for 1 to 5+ months ago
  • By Difficulty - By number of stars (rounded to nearest whole number)
  • By Length - By number of minutes: five groups for "under 1-5" and two for over and under 10
  • By Mode - By one of the four game modes
  • By Rank Achieved - By rank: D, C, B, A, S, SS, Silver S, Silver SS
  • By Title - By the first letter, number, or character of the title's name
  • Collections - By your collections, sorted alphabetically: beatmaps not in a collection will not appear
  • Favourites - Displays only your online favorites (single group)
  • My Maps - Displays only beatmap sets you mapped (single group)
  • Ranked Status - By a beatmap's ranked status: ranked, pending, not submitted or unknown
  • Recently Played - By same groups as "By Date Added", except for date last played

Sort - Sorts beatmaps in a certain order

  • By Artist - By artist's name, alphabetically
  • By BPM - By beats per minute, ascending (uses highest value for variable BPM maps)
  • By Creator - By mapset mapper, alphabetically
  • By Date Added - By date added, oldest to newest
  • By Difficulty - By star difficulty, ascending
  • By Length - By song duration, ascending
  • By Rank Achieved - By rank, lowest to highest
  • By Title - By song title, alphabetically


Typing anywhere on the Song Selection Screen (Chat Console must not be active during typing or it will be considered Chat's text) and this search will be activated. Notes:

  • The beatmap list will display only the maps whose information fields (Song artist, song name, beatmapper, difficulty names, tags) match what you've typed.
  • Using Ctrl+Backspace will clear the last word you typed, rather than the last character.
  • There are several search filters that can filter the results when used with =, <, >, <=, >=, != (not equal), or == (same as =) and a value (ex. "od>8", "bpm>150", "mode=mania").
    Filters can be used in addition to search terms or other filters. (ex. "fox bpm>200 ar=10", "bms status=r bpm>200 length>180")
    • ar - Approach rate
    • cs - Circle size
    • od - Overall difficulty
    • hp - HP drain rate
    • keys - Number of keys (osu!mania maps only)
    • stars - Star difficulty rating
    • bpm - Beats per minute
    • length - Length in seconds
    • drain - Drain time in seconds
    • mode - Mode - value can be osu, taiko, catchthebeat, or mania (or o/t/c/m for short)
    • status - Ranked status - value can be ranked, approved, pending, notsubmitted, or unknown (or r/a/p/n/u for short)
    • played - Time since last played in days
    • unplayed - Unplayed maps - no value (use "unplayed=" for unplayed maps, or "unplayed!=" for played maps)
    • speed - saved osu!mania scroll speed - always 0 for unplayed maps or if the Remember osu!mania scroll speed per beatmap option is off


Online Ranking Table
Online commands for a beatmap. (Require Internet connection)

A variety of things can appear in this space:

  • A "not yet submitted" box denotes a beatmap that has not been uploaded to the osu! site using the Beatmap Submission System.
  • If an "Update to latest version" box appears, click on it to attempt to replace this beatmap with its most current version from the osu! site.
    • Note: Prior version cannot be recovered. If you want to preserve the beatmap for some reason, do not update.
  • A "Latest version but not approved" box appears means that the beatmap has been uploaded to the osu! site but is not ranked yet.
  • Local Ranking Table will also be here.
  • A "No records set!" means you haven't complete the beatmap in Solo under your currently selected gameplay mode with a grade mark.
    • Note: Your Multi's score will not be saved at Local Ranking.
  • A "Not yet uploaded" means it's your created beatmap but you didn't upload it yet.
Ranking Table
Name Usage
Local Ranking Shows local scoreboard. Does not save Multi's records. osu! can construct an external replay based on result by pressing the "F2". May not work in certain cases.
Country Ranking osu!supporter tag required! Shows your rank in your country's ranking (e.g. Greece).
Global Ranking Shows global scoreboard. Top 50 players will be shown here along with their result screen and their replay saved. Watching their replays will add up to their "replays watched by others" in their profile page.
Global Ranking (Selected Mod) osu!supporter tag required! Shows global scoreboard based on currently set Game Modifiers.
Friend Ranking osu!supporter tag required! Shows scoreboard against your friend in your friend list. Does not work on BanchoBot and blank friend list.

Click the Word bubble.jpgword bubble icon to call up the Quick Web Access screen for the selected beatmap:

  • Press 1 or click the "Beatmap Listing/Scores" button and your default Internet browser will attempt to display the Beatmap Listing and score page of the beatmap set the selected beatmap belongs to.
  • Press 2 or click "Beatmap Topic" and your default Internet browser will attempt to display the forum thread of the beatmap set the selected beatmap belongs to.
  • Press 3 or click "Quick Reply" and your default Internet browser will attempt to open a page where you can compose a reply to the forum thread of the beatmap set the selected beatmap belongs to.
  • Press 4 or Esc or click "Cancel" to return to the Song Selection Screen.

While you are on the Quick Web Access Screen, you cannot access the Chat and Extended Chat Consoles.

Song List

Beatmap's Song list

The song list displays all the beatmaps you have downloaded, with possible narrowing down depending on your selections in this screen. Boxes can have a lot of different colours:

  • Red: This beatmap only has one difficulty version.
  • Pink: This beatmap has not been played yet (on beatmap sets with more than one difficutly version).
  • Orange: This beatmap has been played (on beatmap sets with more than one difficutly version).
  • Light Blue: Other beatmaps in the same set.
  • White: This beatmap is currently selected.

You can navigate the beatmap list using the [1]mouse wheel, [2]up and down arrow keys, [3]drag it while holding the left mouse button or [4]clicking the right mouse button (previously known as Absolute Scrolling) which will scroll based on your cursor placement prior to clicking. Click on a box to select that beatmap and display its information on the upper left, high scores (if any) on the left and, if you've cleared it, the letter grade of the highest score you've achieved. [1]Click the box again, [2]press "Enter" or [3]click the osu! logo at the lower right to begin playing the beatmap. If the box have a lighter colour, it means that you have not played that beatmap difficulty yet.

Gameplay toolbox


List of available Game modes

This section can be called gameplay toolbox. We will cover each button usages from left to right order.

Pressing ESC or click the Back button to return to Main Menu

Click on the "Mode" button to open up a list of gameplay modes available on osu!. Click on your desired gameplay mode, and osu! will switch to that gameplay mode style along with the scoreboard change. Alternatively, you can press CTRL and 1 (Osu.gifosu! Standard) / 2 (Taiko.gifTaiko) / 3 (Ctb.gifCatch the Beat) / 4 (Mania.gifosu!mania) on your keyboard to quickly switch to your desired gameplay mode.

Click the "Mods" button or press F1 to call up the Mod Selection Screen.

In this screen, you can apply modifications ("mods" for short) to gameplay. Some mods lower difficulty and apply a modifier that lowers the score you achieve. Conversely, some mods increase the difficulty, but apply a modifier that increases the score you achieve. Finally, some mods modify gameplay in a different way. Relax and Auto Pilot falls in that category. Place your mouse on a mod's icon to see a short description of its effect. Click on an icon to select or deselect that mod. The score multiplier value displays the combined effect the multipliers of the mod(s) of you have selected will have on your score. Click "Reset all mods" or press 1 to deselect all currently selected mods. Click "Close" or press 2 or Esc to return to the Song Selection Screen.

While you are on the Mod Selection Screen, you cannot access the Chat and Extended Chat Consoles. Notably, depends on your skin used, the text and icon may be changed but the mod effect will still work as usual.

Click the "Random Map" button or press F2 to have the game select a random beatmap from the currently displayed list.

Note: Use SHIFT + Click the "Random Map" button or press SHIFT + F2 to have the game go back to the previous selected map, before "Random Map" was used.

Possible commands for a beatmap

Click the "Beatmap Options" button or press F3 or right-click from mouse to call up the Beatmap Options Menu for options on the currently selected beatmap.

  • Press 1 or click the "Manage Collections" button to add the selected beatmap to the Collection list. You can display the list by clicking on the appropriate tab (see above).
  • Press 2 or click "Delete..." to delete the currently selected beatmap difficulty or the entire beatmap set it belongs to from your hard drive. You will be prompted one more time before the beatmap(s) is/are actually deleted.
  • Press 3 or click "Remove from Unplayed" to mark an unplayed beatmap as played.
  • Press 4 or click "Clear local scores" to delete all records of the scores you have achieved in this beatmap. Only the Local high score list is cleared; the scores gained from your plays on this beatmap remains intact.
  • Press 5 or click "Edit" to open the selected beatmap in osu!'s Editor.
  • Press 6 or Esc or click "Close" to return to the Song Selection Screen.

Click on your user panel to access the User Options Menu.

Click the osu! logo to start playing the selected beatmap.

Ranking screen

Grade screen

This is the grade screen after you successfully passed the beatmap. You can access your Online results by scrolling down or pressing the obvious button.

Note: The grade skin will vary by skin used.

Online score leader-board

Note: The back transparent leitmotif is based on what mode you played in.
Osu.gif"osu!" is osu!, Taiko.gif"Drum" is Taiko, Ctb.gif"Apple" is Catch the Beat and Mania.gif"Piano" is osu!mania
Example of osu! Online score (Note: [6] was edited in)

This is your online leader-board. You can go here by scrolling down from the results screen. Your Local Scoreboard will show your name and the score as usual.

  1. You can change your name here to put on the Local Scoreboard.
  2. Your player bar. It shows whether your pp, pp rank, total score, and accuracy increases or decreases. Your level bar will increase based on score.
  3. Your options regarding the Beatmap.
    1. Export Replay as .osr: Save the replay that can be used online.
    2. Online Favourite: Make the Beatmap as your Online Favourite. It will show on your online profile under Beatmaps->Favourite Beatmaps
  4. Self-explanatory. Will not appear if offline.
    1. Map Rank: Your Ranking on the map. It will count along with mod plays score ranking despite you are not using any mods.
    2. Overall: Your profile standing. Basically, your Ranking place ranked score in that specific game mode.
    3. Accuracy: Will only be counted when your old score is surpassed. Accuracy is the average of all passed beatmaps.
    4. Ranked Score: Your Ranked Score. If it's an approved song, it will not increase at all.
    5. Total Score: Grand total score. Always increasing despite you failed the song or not surpassing old score. Affects your level bar.
    6. To Next Rank: How much score you need to move your current map ranking position up.
  5. Same as 4, but it is reserved for monthly Ranking Charts
  6. Achievement unlock. Any achievement you unlock will be shown here. Full list of possible achievements can be found at Achievements page
  7. Beatmap song with it's history of plays and pass rate.
  8. Beatmap Rating. Use your personal discretion based on whether you enjoy the beatmap or not. Best left alone if you can't decide.
  9. Return to Song Selection.

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