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A kudosu.

Kudosu is the form of reward obtained from modding beatmaps. The term "Kudosu" is a portmanteau of the words "kudos" and "osu!". A rating system that rewards users that mod regularly. If you're a BN, or the creator of the map, you can award 1 or 2 kudosu to a user depending on the time since last post on the beatmap thread, making a constructive modding post. Accumulated kudosu can be used to increase a beatmap's priority rating. Any mapper or modder may spend 1 kudosu to give any map a star, which will help the map in the approval process by giving it more Star Priority.

Before awarding kudosu keep the following things in mind:

  • Did the post help you in any way to improve your map?
  • Did the modder post things that AIMod cannot pick up?
  • Did the post show that the modder has knowledge of modding?
  • Did the modder post things that generally make sense to you and seem not too terribly picky? If their post did seem picky, are you sure that the things pointed out can improve your mapset anyways?
  • Even if you don't follow the modder's advice, did you not follow it because of your personal choice only, and not because the modding seemed pointless to you?
  • Did you not already give the modder kudosu for a mod post on the same map recently, and if you did, has the map vitally changed between the two mod posts (adding a difficulty, remapping a difficulty)?
  • Was this a substantial mod post? Did the mod post point out more than a couple of things to improve or fix your map?
Button to give Kudosu
If you can answer yes to all of these questions, feel free to give the modder their well-earned kudosu!

All a mapper has to do to give a modder kudosu is simply go to the mod post and click the "Give Kudos" button that is located under the poster's information.

Please be aware that beatmap nominators may revoke your kudosu if they deem that your post should not have been awarded kudosu!

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