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Mapping Techniques

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Mapping Techniques (Basics)
Formations Rhythm Jumping Heartpop.gif Unrankable
Hit Circles Sliders (MGS) Spinners

The following wiki pages are a compendium of Mapping Techniques known and named by the players and mappers!


What are Mapping Techniques?

Mapping Techniques are methods and/or circle (or slider or spinner) patterns widely used by known mappers in their maps.

Note: It is best to treat these pages as a beginner's guide until you have developed your own mapping style. At first, it is recommended to observe and copy other experienced mappers' styles, while letting your creativity free little by little. Many great mappers sharpened their skills at first by imitating others they admired, so there is no shame in doing that yourself.

I don't know where to start?!

Not sure where to begin? You can scroll down to find an some interesting Mapping Techniques!
Or you can get a list of mapping techniques here: Mapping Techniques/Basics

List of Mapping Techniques (Sorted by type)

Mapping Techniques
Rhythm Techniques
Speed Techniques » Slider Slowdowns
Jumping Techniques
Heartpop.gifUnrankable Techniques
Hit Circle Techniques
Pattern‑matic » Double Stacks
Slider Techniques
Spinner Techniques
Spinner Variation » Short Spinners Double Spinners End Spinner
Additional Effects » Pre-Spinner Notes Post-Spinner Note

List of Mapping Techniques (Sorted by nomination)

Notice: This list does not contain every mapping technique, it only contains the ones that were nominated from the forums!

This list mostly originated from these forum posts below and are in order of nomination.

1-20 21-40 41-60 61-80

1. Back and Forth Beats

2. Mirrored Sliders

3. Half-backing

4. Etna Sliders

5. Zig-Zagging Sliders

6. Triangle Beats

7. Short Repeating Sliders

8. Spacing Out

9. The Kickstream

10. Blanket Combos

11a. Zig-zag Sliders

11b. Reversed Zig-zag Sliders

12. Segment Sliders

13. ztrot Spacing

14. Accelerated Spacing

15a. Anti-Jumps

15b. Anti-Jumps (SeibeiStyle)

16. Flower Combo

17. Rainbow Sliders

18. Deathstreams

19. Orbital Sliders

20. Slider Art

21. Triplet Streams

22. Linear Back and Forth

23. Slider Trains

24. Parallel Sliders

25. Windmill Sliders

26. Wave Sliders

27. Zig-Zag Streams

28a. Square Formations

28b. Square Formation v2

29. Switch-Back Sliders

30. Honeycomb Beats

31. Hub and Spoke

32. Oibon Jumps

33. Post-Spinner Note

34. Cutting Sliders

35. Hooooooold Sliders

36. Tricky Triple Combo

37. Double Stacks

38. Tick-Hitsounds

39. Crumpled Sliders

40. Divebomb Combos

41. Pre-Spinner Notes

42. QQ Diamonds

43. Tornado Combos

44. Central Anti-Jumps

45. Star Formations

46. Drain Sections

47. End-Cutter Sliders

48. Endpoint Slider Jumps

49. Differential Stacks

50. Krisom-Krosses

51. Spiral Slider

52. Compressed Streams

53. Double Spinners

54. Step-Too-Fars

55. Spider Sliders

56. Slider Stream Jumps

57. 15° Patterns

58. Variable Spaced Streams

59. Discontinuous Streams

60. B&F Sliderbased Jumps

61. Introverted Flow

Heartpop.gif Unrankable Techniques

These techniques are frowned upon due to making the beatmap's difficulty impossible to Perfect Combo.
An overview of them can be found here: Unrankable Techniques.

  • Burai Sliders
  • Hold Sliders
  • Stack zero
  • Ninja Spinners (Not to be confused with Short Spinners)

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