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osu!droid is a port (or a remake) of the original game on the Android platform by Pesets. It has been under beta stage for a few months before officially released on Google Play. (NOTE: Osu!Droid can no longer be found on the appstore thus has to be installed using the apk)

Currently, osu!droid is in ver.1.5.10 (15 January 2014). neico is working on behalf of Pesets's absence. A different pre-alpha version is in works which may supersede osu!droid (which is currently on hiatus, though).

Announcement by peppy about osu!droid


How to install (Device way)

Original Post
  • You have 3 choices. Pick either one.
    • Going to Google play page for osu!droid (Highly suggested) or searching it in Google Play.
    • Using this download link (osu!droid.apk ver. 1.5.5) [If you can't find it, go to Settings > Security > Check "Unknown Sources"]
    • Use the QR code. (see the Original Post above)
  • Allow osu!droid.apk to install.
  • osu!droid is now installed in your phone.

How to install (PC way)

  • Use this download link (osu!droid.apk ver. 1.5.5) [outdated]
  • Download the .apk file from your computer.
  • Transfer the .apk file to your device using the suitable USB cable (Bluetooth is possible but using USB is much more efficient).
    • Please set your device to "USB connection mode" first. (Depending on your device)
  • Find and open the .apk file from your device.
  • Allow osu!droid.apk to install.
  • osu!droid is now installed in your phone.

Adding Beatmaps

Note: Only beatmaps downloaded from bloodcat's osu! server and/or from the "osu!MapDownloader" app below can play the current beatmap version without crashing.

osu!MapDownloader app way (osu!droid only)

P.S. It has many other uses other than downloading beatmaps for osu!droid only.

Device way

  • Open your preferred browser and go to http://bloodcat.com/osu/
  • Select your desired beatmap for downloading
  • Change the download directory to "/mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/" (This directory is by default)
  • Wait until the beatmap is downloaded.
  • The beatmap will be imported automatically at the next launch of osu!droid

Obsolete method

PC way (Beatmaps not from bloodcat's website may cause crashes)

  • Connect your device to PC with USB cable
  • The location you should put in now depends on what type the file is.
    • If you have .osz or .zip files, copy them into your device's osu!droid directory.
    • If you have unpacked songs (i.e. in folders), copy them into osu!droid/Songs directory.
      • Directory will vary if you did modify it in Library->Beatmap location, then, you need to put in that directory you set instead.
  • Disconnect your device and launch osu!droid

osu!droid Direct Download (Not suggested, broken)

  • Launch osu!droid
  • Click "Get Songs"
  • Pick your beatmap you want to download
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • The beatmap will be imported automatically at the next launch of osu!droid


What is the difference?

While theoretically most of the elements of osu! is preserved, some of them (Video and Storyboard) were dropped due to capability of stock RAM (Smartphones ~300MB+/-) and the possible high battery drain. Here's a list of what did not make it into osu!droid:-

  • Video and Storyboard
  • Combo Fire and Combo Burst (Character appearance)
  • Game Modifiers: Only Easy, No Fail, Hard Rock, Hidden, Relax, Auto Pilot and Auto. (2,2,3)
  • Some skin animation (like your lifebar health) may not be as fluid as the original osu!
  • Information (Length, BPM) about the beatmap selected is missing.
  • You can only put one skin on osu!droid as there is no skin selector. osu!default by peppy is used if there is nothing in the Skin folder.
    • The current version (known as osu! by peppy, art by RBRat3) skin is not used. osu!droid will still use the traditional osu!default by peppy skin.
  • Beatmaps that are v10 or higher (recently-created beatmaps) are not compatible with osu!droid and might result in unexpected behavior such as crashes and force closes. (Fixed in Beta ver. only. Not fixed in 1.5.10 yet)

Easy.pngNo Fail.pngHard Rock.pngHidden.pngRelax.pngAutoPilot.pngAutoplay.png


Options Screen

Please go to osu!droid option page for more information.

How to install skins

Osu!droid skin.png

  • osu!droid does not have a skin selector. Therefore, if you want to use a skin, you must manually open your wanted skin folder and move all the files into "mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/Skin/"
    • It is not suggested to modify the filepath.

What elements to remove

  • Fail Background (The fail sound should be kept)
  • Combo Burst
  • Any Game Modifiers that is not stated in the "What's the difference?"
  • Any .zip or folder contents in the skin. (To save space)
  • Taiko, Catch the Beat, and osu!mania skinning elements (if exist).


Is there a beatmap specially made for osu!droid?

  • Any beatmap that is made for original osu! is also made for osu!droid. There are no beatmaps created specifically for osu!droid.

I have a lot of beatmaps at T-Aiko!/Songs...

  • From Main Menu; press Options.
  • Under "Library"; press "Beatmap location".
  • Modify "mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/Songs" to "mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko!/Songs".
  • Return to Main Menu; press "Play". osu!droid should start to process your beatmaps.


Why did the Auto in osu!droid miss but PC osu! didn't?

Capability of osu!droid's Auto. Able to do simultaneous sliders and hit-circles.
  • Hardware rendering capability and RAM.
    • If the hit-object is not rendered in time or screen freeze happened, the screen may "skip" and auto will not be able to hit it (as that hit-object must appear at that specific time frame) and miss will occur.
  • This may happen especially when you set your rendering settings very high and your device may not up to it (especially on intensive parts).

Fun Fact: Even original osu! Auto may miss on maps that it can perfect combo. This may happen if you are simultaneously using another program (Like Firefox or anything to make your CPU and RAM work more) while leaving osu! in Auto mode. The exception to this if your computer can handle the extra task (like gaming notebook for example) and the beatmap in question has a low Overall Difficulty.


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