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Game modes
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Very important notes
  • osu!mania editor is still a WIP.
  • Some difficulty mods still unstable.

osu!mania is a new game mode in osu! similar to Beatmania IIDX (as well as various DJMAX, Guitar Hero, "O2Jam/mania", "StepMania" and other rhythm games that require more than 3 buttons) in which a player needs to press the specific buttons for the beat notes that are coming down. It is somewhat similar to Taiko, but with more buttons to press and notes moving downward rather than moving horizontally to the left.

osu!mania was released in 08.10.2012.



Example of the gameplay

This mode has been widely used in almost all the major rhythm games that require good hands/legs coordination, where the beat notes with their quantity depending on BPM and difficulty move on the conveyor, and the player have to press the correct button for that specific beat note in time. Though the game mode was originally made as an imitation of Beatmania style of playing, however, by changing the number of buttons, you can make it look more like Guitar Hero (5) or Dance Dance Revolution (4) and so on. Currently, you can set from 1 to 10 buttons.

At difficulty selection, the 4/5/6/7 K↓ means easier judgement (easier to get higher score mark) . Without the "↓" symbol, the beatmap will be played at default judgement.


Key Bind colour and placement by number of buttons
Default Key layouts of osu!mania

There used to be two different binding-styles, Symmetrical and Left to Right.

  • Symmetrical style mimics the button placement of DJMAX, in which the center key is "spacebar", in which, created a feeling of "stepping" the pedal similar to the arcade version. Centre key matches the middle column (5K, 7K, and 9K only) and the other column matches the keys in its corresponding place.
  • Left to Right style mimics the button placement of Beatmania IIDX, where the first column matches to the key1, then the second column matches the key2 and so on.
    • However, the option to pick had already been removed and the current style is based on "Symmetrical" style. For legacy reason, "Left to Right" style is kept here.

Symmetrical key binding (For DJMAX style)

  • For left hand buttons — (K1)A, (K2)S, (K3)D, (K4)F
  • For right hand buttons — (K6)J, (K7)K, (K8)L, (K9)semicolon ";".
  • Center button — (K5)spacebar. [On 5K, 7K, and 9K only]
  • The Special button — (S1)left SHIFT [Using special style] or left control "Ctrl" [Alternate binding].

Left to Right key binding (For Beatmania IIDX style)

  • From down to up then down to up again: (K1)Z, (K2)S, (K3)X, (K4)D, (K5)C, (K6)F, (K7)V, (K8)G, (K9)B [K9 is not used]
  • The Special button — (S1)left SHIFT and left control "Ctrl".
Key Symmetrical binding
1K - K5 -
2K K4 - K6
3K K4 K5 K6
4K K3, K4 - K6, K7
5K K3, K4 K5 K6, K7
6K K2, K3, K4 - K6, K7, K8
6K (L) S1, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7
6K (R) K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, S1
7K K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8
8K K1, K2, K3, K4 - K6, K7, K8, K9
8K(L) S1, K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8,
8K(R) K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8, S1
9K K1, K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8, K9
Key Left-To-Right binding
4K K1, K2 - K4, K5
5K K1, K2, K3, K4, K5
6K K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6
7K K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7
8K K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7, K8
8K(L) S1, K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7
8K(R) K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7, S1
  • Note: Please refer to the picture based on style used.


Default Key layouts of osu!mania

Since 5th of March 2015 update, osu!mania allows a new game mod called Co-Op mod. In this mode, you control a second different set of keys along with the primary set of keys as above.

Symmetrical key binding for second set.

  • For left hand buttons — (B1)Q, (B2)W, (B3)E, (B4)R
  • For right hand buttons — (B6)U, (B7)I, (B8)O, (B9)P.
  • Center button — (B5)right ALT. [On 5K, 7K, and 9K only]
  • Special button - (X1)right SHIFT [Using special style] or right control "Ctrl" [Alternate binding].

Key Primary Secondary
1K Co-op - K5 - - B5 -
2K Co-op K4 - K6 B4 - B6
3K Co-op K4 K5 K6 B4 B5 B6
4K Co-op K3, K4 - K6, K7 B3, B4 - B6, B7
5K Co-op K3, K4 K5 K6, K7 B3, B4 B5 B6, B7
6K Co-op K2, K3, K4 - K6, K7, K8 B2, B3, B4 - B6, B7, B8
6K(L) Co-op S1, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7 B3, B4 B5 B6, B7, X1
6K(R) Co-op K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, S1 X1, B3, B4 B5 B6, B7
7K Co-op K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8 B2, B3, B4 B5 B6, B7, B8
8K Co-op K1, K2, K3, K4 - K6, K7, K8, K9 B1, B2, B3, B4 - B6, B7, B8, B9
8K(L) Co-op S1, K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8 B2, B3, B4 B5 B6, B7, B8, X1
8K(R) Co-op K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8, S1 X1, B2, B3, B4 B5 B6, B7, B8
9K Co-op K1, K2, K3, K4 K5 K6, K7, K8, K9 B1, B2, B3, B4 B5 B6, B7, B8, B9
  • This table is based on xK mod used in conjunction with Co-Op mod.

Key Primary Secondary
3K K4 - K6 - B5 -
5K K4 K5 K6 B4 - B6
7K K3, K4 - K6, K7 B4 B5 B6
9K K3, K4 - K6, K7 B3, B4 B5 B6, B7
  • This only applies to osu!mania specific difficulties. Only odd-numbered xK specifics are mentioned. Refer to first table for even number xK specific (For 4K specific, refer to 2K Co-op and so on)

Speed Change

Scrolling speed of the beat notes can be changed by pressing [Ctrl] (Or [Shift]) with ([+] / [-]) while playing the beatmap or while in song selection menu.
Alternatively, you can also use F3 or F4, but they will not work in song selection menu (see Options' Input Key Binding under In-Game page).


This section details all the intricacies of scoring, including mathematical formulas.


Normal grades

  • SS = 100% accuracy (only MAX and/or 300).
  • S = Over 95% accuracy (You can have 'S' rank even if you make several misses, like in Catch the Beat).
  • A = Over 90% accuracy.
  • B = Over 80% accuracy.
  • C = Over 70% accuracy.
  • D = Anything else.

It is possible to obtain SSH or SH ranks (silver S or SS), if you can obtain S or SS with Hidden, FadeIn or Flashlight mod.


Note: At difficulty selection, the 4/5/6/7K ↓ where the "↓" means easier judgement (easier to get higher score mark) . Without the "↓" symbol, the beatmap will be played at default judgement.

Hit notes

  • You get a rainbow 300 (MAX), 300, 200, 100 or 50 from a note depending on how accurately you hit it.
  • If you do not hit a note at all or hit it way too early, you will receive a miss.

Hold notes

  • The judgement for hold notes depends on both how accurately you hit it and how accurately you release it.
  • Keep holding till end of note, with initial and final with perfect timing : MAX
  • Keep holding till end of note, without releasing the note : 200
  • Do a NG and not recover the hold note : Miss
  • Do a NG and even hold back the note : 50

(NG: Not Good aka NG terms in StepMania and DDR, which happens when you release the hold note during hold timing.)


Accuracy = Total points of hits / (Total number of hits * 300)
  • Total number of hits = (Number of misses + Number of 50s + Number of 100s + Number of 200s + Number of 300s + Number of rainbow 300s)
  • Total points of hits = (Number of 50s * 50 + Number of 100s * 100 + Number of 200s * 200 + Number of 300s * 300 + Number of rainbow 300s * 300)


In osu!mania mode, each beatmap has the same maximum total score, currently 1,000,000.

The score is given in two parts, base score and bonus score, each contributing 50% of total score.

Base score is based on hit judgement. A rainbow 300 is worth a bit more than 300.

Bonus score is based on hit judgement and a floating bonus multiplier. The multiplier increases when you get a rainbow 300 or 300, while it decreases when you get a 200 or below. The better judgement you get, the more the multiplier increase, or the less punishment. There's an upper limit for the multiplier.

The score given by each note is calculated with the following formula:

Score = BaseScore + BonusScore

BaseScore = (MaxScore * ModMultiplier * 0.5 / TotalNotes) * (HitValue / 320)

BonusScore = (MaxScore * ModMultiplier * 0.5 / TotalNotes) * (HitBonusValue * Sqrt(Bonus) / 320)
Bonus = Bonus before this hit + HitBonus - HitPunishment / ModDivider
Bonus is limited to [0, 100], initially 100.

MaxScore = 1 000 000
ModMultiplier = The score multiplier of the selected mods (difficulty reduction and/or nK)
ModDivider = The punishment divider of the selected mods (difficulty increase) 

Judgement  HitValue  HitBonusValue  HitBonus  HitPunishment
   MAX       320          32            2
   300       300          32            1
   200       200          16                        8
   100       100           8                       24
    50        50           4                       44
  Miss         0           0                        ∞

        Mod  ModMultiplier  ModDivider
       Easy       0.5
     NoFail       0.5
   HalfTime       0.5
   HardRock                    1.08
 DoubleTime                     1.1
  NightCore                     1.1
     FadeIn                    1.06
     Hidden                    1.06
 Flashlight                    1.06


A view in the Map Editor.

Map Editor

Like the other modes (like Taiko/CtB), osu! will convert the beatmap design to the format of osu!mania when playing in this mode.

However, if you select the “mode-specific” game setting, the editor view will change, as shown in the screenshot. If you press the arrow button you will see the lines with possible notes. Number of lines can be set in the “Song Setup” => Column Count.

The entire screen is divided corresponding to the selected number of columns. To place a note in a column, you need to put a circle in the area. The same thing happens with the sliders. It's simple.


General Article: Skinning

Customized skin is supported in osu!mania. There are four sets within: Grade, Key, Note and Background.

Grade set: six images in total with prefix "hit", represent the hit burst from hit0 to hit300g separately.

Key set: three groups, six images in total with prefix "key", represent the pressed and released status of two normal keys and a special key.

Note set: three groups, no less than three images of each group with prefix "note", represent the normal note, hold note's body and slider head separately. The tail of hold note is flipped vertical from the head. The body could be an animation.

Background set: four images with prefix "stage", represent bottom-left, bottom-right, judgement line and hit lighting which could be an animation.

Other than above, hit-0.png and lighting.png are also a part of mania skin.

Naming rules:

  • filename = mania-[prefix][set name][postfix]

For instance:

  • mania-key1D.png represents: "[mania]" "[key] set" "key No.[1]" "press [D]own"
  • mania-note1.png represents: "[mania]" "[note] set" "note No.[1]"

All numbers are counted from left to right.

A complete mania skin should include all the files listed below:

  • mania-hit0.png ~ mania-hit300g.png
  • mania-key1.png mania-key1D.png
  • mania-key2.png mania-key2D.png
  • mania-keyS.png mania-keySD.png
  • mania-note1.png mania-note1H.png mania-note1L.png
  • mania-note2.png mania-note2H.png mania-note2L.png
  • mania-noteS.png mania-noteSH.png mania-noteSL.png
  • mania-stage-hint.png
  • mania-stage-left.png
  • mania-stage-right.png
  • mania-stage-light.png

Furthermore, the configuration of specific keys is also supported. Game will always try to load the configuration file like 7K.ini if player choose to play a 7K map. Also, from 4K.ini to 8K.ini will be coped with the same way. (for 5+1K mode, loads 51K.ini instead 5K.ini or 6K.ini)

The following arguments could be contained in those ini files:

  • ColumnWidth: the widths of tracks which default value is 30 are decide by this argument. All numbers are separated by comma, and the amount of numbers should be no less than the amount of tracks
  • ColumnLine: Show a white vertical line between tracks with the value 1, and hide by 0. The amount of arguments must be one more than the amount of tracks. All numbers are separated by comma
  • JudgementLine: Show the judgementline by the value 1, and hide by 0.
  • ColumnStart: the distance between tracks and the left side of screen, from 0 to 460.
  • SpecialPositionLeft: The position of special track in 8K mode - place left by 1, right by 0.
  • Colour{n}: The background colours of each track which default is black. All colours should be four numbers separated by comma with the format of RGBA.
  • FontCombo: For Combo Font support. Default value is 'score' on skin.ini
  • Barline: horizontal lines which appear when bpm or scroll speed is changed.
  • BarlineColour: color of the barline.


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