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Official YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/osuacademy/videos
Official Thread: http://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/225111

osu!talk is a podcast series hosted by ztrot, with deadbeat as the co-host. The series focuses on interviewing many people from around the osu! community. However sometimes we arrange a group discussion about different things happening around the community such as changes to the staff, or long lasting issues often discussed like overmapping. The podcast series is set up so that anyone is free to join in on the live session and ask questions during the public Q&A part of the episode. These aren't live streamed anywhere as we'd rather encourage users to join in and take part themselves.


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EP Interviewees Profession Link
#1 Charles445 GMT/BN Link
#2 MMzz QAT Link
#3 Loctav Community and Tournament Manager Link
#4 dkun BAT/retired osu!monthly member Link
#5 LuigiHann Resident Skinner Link
#6 JAKACHAN Pro Player Link
#7 Daru osu!painter Link
#8 peppy osu! creator Link
#9 Cyclone Retired Player/Staff Link
#10 thelewa Top Player Link
#11 WubWoofWolf Top Player Link
#12 Ephemeral Retired Staff Manager Link
#13 ztrot Media Creation Link
#14 Raiku Pro Player Link
#15 smoogipooo Developer Link
#16 OnosakiHito QAT Link
#17 RBRat3 osu!painter Link
#18 Andrea Retired GMT/BN Link
#19 Doomsday Pro Player Link
#20 Tom94 Developer Link
#21 Flanster GMT Link
#21.5 Blue Dragon Mapper Link
#22 HappyStick Pro Player Link
#23 Hayabusa Top UK Mania Player Link
#24 Kyonko Hiraza Retired Pro Player Link
#25 PortalLife Player/Community Tournaments Link
#26 MillhioreF Bagel Lord Link
#27 machol30 Ancient warrior Link
#28 Nashmun French Taiko Master Link
#29 Luna German Taiko Player Link
#30 Tasha osu!weekly Link
#31 drum drum doramu Link
#32 p3n Palmtop Tiger Link
#33 deadbeat ztrot's slave Link
#34 Zak Fruits Commentator Link
#34.5 - Magic Bomb - Dragon Bomb Link
#35 juankristal onecrystal Link
#36 Halogen- Mania Prince of Bel Air Link
#37 Staiain Triple Time Overlord Link
#38 Starrodkirby86 Susumu Hirasawa fanboy Link
#39 Arf Some frandom guy Link
#40 The8BitDrummer Megalovaniac Link
#41 Histoire But actually Noire Link


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EP Topic Interviewees Link
#1 Staff Rework Charles445, Ephemeral, deadbeat, and OnosakiHito Link
#2 Overmapping Kyonko Hizara, Loctav, MMzz, and OnosakiHito Link
#3 Moderation Charles445, deadbeat, Flanster and Kitokofox Link
#4 osu!academy and upcoming events Charles445, deadbeat, Kyonko Hizara, and Kitokofox Link
#5 osu! World Cup 2014 Charles445, cptnXn, Loctav, Mr Color, p3n, and ToGlette Link
#6 osu! World Cup Grand Finals cptnXn, deadbeat, Doomsday, Loctav, Mr Color, and Tom94 Link
#7 Guest difficulties vs single mapper set deadbeat, Doomsday, shARPII, and WubWoofWolf Link
#8 osu!next deadbeat, flyte, and peppy Link
#9 Legends of the addicting circle clicking Charles445, deadbeat, Kyonko Hizara, LoliFlan, and p3n Link
#10 osu!next round 2 deadbeat, flyte, and peppy Link
#11 Catch the Beat Discussion deadbeat, Kingkevin30, - Magic Bomb -, Candlestorm, Saki, and Zak Link
#12 osu!idol Discussion deadbeat, Flanster, shARPII, and Kyonko Hizara Link


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EP Events Interviewees Link
#1 Ask Me Anything deadbeat and ztrot Link
#2 Ask Me Anything 2015 Charles445, deadbeat, Flanster, p3n, and ztrot Link
#3 1 year anniversary Charles445, deadbeat, and ztrot Link
#4 Welcome back deadbeat, Kyonko Hizara, Nyquill, Zak, ztrot Link
#5 Upcoming events Q&A Kyonko Hizara and ztrot Link

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