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Shortcut Key Reference

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In osu!, there are various shortcuts that can be utilized in the game and in menus. They are listed out with their functions below.



  • Shift+F1: Open osu!status (when connection error)
  • F7: Toggle FPS limiting mode
  • F8: Show/Hide Chat Window
  • F9: Show/Hide Extended Chat Window
  • F10: Enable/Disable all mouse buttons. (Mouse wheel still works)
  • CTRL + F11: Show/Hide Frame Times
  • F12: Take Screenshot (hold SHIFT to upload instantly to server for sharing)
  • Insert: Minimizes osu! into the notification area.
  • Arrow up/down: Increase/Decrease volume.

Menus only

  • F1: Previous Song
  • F2: Play from start
  • F3: Pause/Unpause
  • F4: Stop
  • F5: Next Song
  • F6: Jump to (jukebox)
  • Alt+Enter: Toggle Full-screen Mode
  • Escape: Go back one menu
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S: Reload skin sprites
  • Ctrl+O: Open Options Menu

Main Menu

  • P: Play mode (twice for osu! song select)
  • P-M: Play mode (Multi-Play)
  • E: Edit Mode (Song selection)
  • J: Jump To (jukebox)
  • Z/X/C/V/B: Jukebox controls (Winamp layout)
  • D: osu!direct (supporters only)
  • O: Options
  • Q: Quit
  • R: Random song

Song Select

  • F1: Mod Selection
  • F2: Random Map
  • Shift+F2: Undo Random Map
  • F3: Beatmap Options
  • F5: Refresh listing (Repair mode)
  • Shift+Delete: Delete current map
  • Ctrl+(1/2/3/4): Switch to Osu.gifosu! Standard/ Taiko.gifTaiko / Ctb.gifCatch the Beat / Mania.gifosu!mania game mode respectively.
  • Ctrl+Enter: Play current map with Auto mod
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Play current map with Cinema mod
  • Ctrl+A: Toggle Auto mod
  • Ctrl+(F3/F4) or Ctrl+(+/-): Increase/decrease osu!mania speed (only in osu!mania mode)
  • Ctrl+Backspace: Delete last word (when using search)
  • Up/Down: Change selection
  • Left/Right: Change beatmap set
  • PageUp/PageDown: Change selection (large)
  • Enter: Make selection
  • Shift+(Left/Right): Change group
  • Shift+Enter: Open/close group

Mods screen

Note: Special modes like Perfect or Nightcore will require clicking on it once more.
osu! List of possible mods (Key binding in order)

Play Mode

  • +/-: Adjust local offset (hold Alt to change the precision)
  • Escape: Pause (Quit song if Auto mod is used)
  • Spacebar: Skip opening cut-scene.
  • Tab: Toggle scoreboard
  • Shift+Tab: Toggle in-game interface
  • F3/F4: Adjust speed for osu!mania.
  • Ctrl+R or `: Quick retry the current map (autoskips the cut-scene)

Edit Mode

Keyboard Shortcuts


How it would look like when you press H (Help) key
  • H: Help (Contains all the shortcuts shown below)


  • Z: Stop
  • X: Play from start
  • C or Spacebar: Pause/Resume
  • Left and Right arrow keys: Skip through the song. Hold shift for 4x speed

Bookmarks commands

  • Ctrl+B: Add bookmark at current location.
  • Ctrl+Shift+B: Remove bookmark at current location.
  • Ctrl+Left Arrow: Jump to previous bookmark.
  • Ctrl+Right Arrow: Jump to next bookmark.

Save and Reset

  • Ctrl+L: Revert to saved
  • Ctrl+S: Quick save
  • Ctrl+N: Remove all notes (but keep timing/song setup)

Mode switch

  • F1: Compose mode
  • F2: Design mode (only basics available at the moment)
  • F3: Timing mode
  • F4: Song setup

Compose mode

  • Left and Right arrow keys: Move selected notes by 1 grid snap. Hold shift for 1 coordinate.
  • Number keys 1-4: Change selection/placement mode
  • Q,W,E,R,L: Change right-hand option modes
  • Delete: Remove selected notes
  • Ctrl+Z,Y: Undo,Redo
  • Ctrl+A: Select all notes
  • Ctrl+X,C,V: Cut, copy, paste
  • Ctrl+D: Clone the selection
  • Alt while placing: Snap distance based on time duration since last note
  • Shift while placing: No grid snapping
  • Shift while modifying: No grid or beat (time) snapping
  • J/K: Nudge circle backwards/forwards in time
  • G: Cycle through grid precision
  • Ctrl+1/2/3/4: Grid sizes (tiny,small,medium,large)
  • Ctrl+Shift+R: Rotate existing note by a specified angle
  • Ctrl+ , (comma): Rotate Anticlockwise/Clockwise
  • Ctrl+H,J: Flip Horizontally/Vertically

Timing mode

  • T: Tapping using the keyboard
  • Shift while adjusting BPM/Offset: 4x speed
  • Ctrl+B: Reset current timing point
  • Ctrl+P: Add timing point

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click: Place normal hit circles, start a slider or add a new point to a slider being placed. Select circles.
  • Ctrl + Left Click: Add new point to existing slider.
  • Right Click: Toggle new combo, end a slider placement or remove a point, remove a circle (only when in selection mode or while not playing audio).
  • Mouse Wheel: Seek forwards/backwards. Hold shift for 4x seeking.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Wheel: Change placement/selection mode while in gamefield.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel: Increase/decrease the snap divisor.
  • Alt + Mouse Wheel: Increase/decrease the alt-snapping distance multiplier. Change timeline zoom while in timeline.
  • Dragging: Moving selections of notes (position and time), moving points in a slider. Dragging the end of sliders or spinners on the timeline to extend them.

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