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Taiko Ranking Criteria

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These rules and guidelines has been discussed in the Taiko Discussion Thread. New rules or guidelines may be suggested in the discussion forum which are going to be updated once the discussion reaches an agreement.


Common Terms


  • Kantan: Easy
  • Futsuu: Normal
  • Muzukashii: Hard
  • Oni: Demon/Insane
  • Inner and Ura: Extra/Expert


  • Don: Red Note
  • Kat: Blue Note
  • Drumroll: Yellow Bar
  • Shaker: Spinner
  • Finisher: Large Blue or Red Note


All rules are exactly that: RULES. They are NOT guidelines and may NOT be broken under ANY circumstance.

  • Finish notes must not be in the middle or at the beginning of a 1/4 or above snapped pattern. This is to ensure playability of all patterns, as finisher notes in the middle or at the beginning of a 1/4 or above snapped pattern have been deemed as very issuesome to catch.


Guidelines are important and should be followed in most maps. However, they are NOT rules, so they may be broken in special cases. If you want to break a guideline, ask yourself this: Does what I'm about to do make sense? Is it more fun to play like this compared to sticking to the guidelines? If you answer yes to both these questions, then it is probably okay. When your guideline-breaking map gets modded, try to be as reasonable as possible: Do your best to explain your point of view and be open to suggestions.

  • Finisher notes may be used at the end of a 1/4 or above snapped pattern under the following conditions:
    1. The finisher note must have a reasonable sound to be mapped to.
    2. The note prior the finisher note must be of the opposite color.
    3. The note prior must not overlap with the finisher note by more than 50%.
  • The Slider Velocity should be 1.40. This is to ensure readability and a proper scrolling speed.
  • Avoid using 1/8 streams by any circumstance. For the majority of maps, only 1/1, 1/2 or 1/4 beat note streams should be used. 1/3 and 1/6 should be added only when there's a similiar beat in the music.
  • Use inherited timing points to make the notes gradually slow down into the section to avoid overlapping notes (during slow downs) confusing players. Use Slider Velocity changes in a way that they are readable and not overlapping or too extreme when it's called for.
  • Use drum-rolls (slider) sparingly within a map and keep a 1/2 beat space between them and any other object. Avoid using sliders for 125 BPM songs or lower (as the ticks change to 1/8) unless the music calls for it. Use a tick rate of 3 if the song self is snapped on 1/3.
  • Try to leave at least a 1/2 beat between a note and a spinner. Using them on streams may be okay. Short spinners are highly not recommended, since they cover the notes and can cause players to miss due to pressing too much.
  • Custom hitsounds must be drum-related. If custom hitsounds are used, they should have deeper/lower tone set as don and a higher/lighter tone as kat.

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