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osu! Rules

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↱ Rules

This page is your one stop shop for all things illegal within osu!. Below is a breakdown of each section to provide more detail as it applies to one particular fact of osu!


Community Rules

  1. Each player may only create, play or access only ONE account at any point of time. Making multiple accounts or sharing accounts with other users will result in severe penalties.
  2. Be nice. Harassment or other antagonism has no place within the osu! community. Continual violation of this rule may result in the loss of ability to communicate with other users permanently.
  3. Don't be a douche. Where rules do not prevail, common sense shall. The administration has explicit discretion to apply their judgment on this as they see fit.
  4. Excessive vulgarity is not welcome. Cursing or profanities are allowed to be used, but not if they begin to violate rules #2 and #3.
  5. We are an all-ages community. This means that 18+/NSFW content such as drug use or overtly sexual topics are not welcome here. Exceptions are made where appropriate for this, but generally speaking, keep it clean.

Forum-wide rules

  1. Don't spam or flood the forums with useless posts/content. If you aren't contributing meaningfully to a discussion, don't post.
  2. NSFW material may be linked ONLY if it is pertinent to a discussion, and ONLY if the link is clearly marked as being NSFW, and is not embedded in a post.
  3. Personal attacks are frowned upon. Criticism of all kinds is welcome and encouraged, but attacking other users personally is not allowed. If you cannot prove your point without such tactics, your point is not worth posting.
  4. Bumping threads without content in the bump post is forbidden. Such foul necromantic acts may come with harsh punishment if done repeatedly.
  5. Linking to malware/adware/spyware/software of spurious intent or description is not allowed. If in doubt, seek out a moderator and ask. Authors posting utilities are encouraged to host the source on Github or another open repository to address these concerns.
  6. Signatures should not exceed 256kb in total filesize. Animations are permitted, so long as they are reasonable and don't contain photosensitive elements (quick flashing or strobing).
  7. Animated avatars are tolerated, but have the same regulation as signatures. Avatars must always be suitable for all ages.
  8. Advertisements and referral links are explicitly forbidden. Just don't post them, period.
  9. Autoloading content (youtube videos, flash applets, etc) is not allowed.

BSS Forum Rules

These rules apply strictly to the unique nature of the BSS (Beatmap Submission System) threads. These threads are created via the osu! client when a beatmap is submitted through the editor.

  1. Do not create threads in the Pending Submissions and WIP boards. Use the appropriate subforum when creating a thread. (This obviously excludes BSS threads.)
  2. Do not get off topic in BSS threads. BSS threads are about the parent beatmap. If you have an issue with something not directly pertaining to the beatmap, post it in the appropriate forum.
  3. Do not steal others' beatmaps, presenting them as if they're mapped by you. Do not also upload or use other people's work without their explicit permission (including, but not limited to skins and guest difficulties).

Off-Topic Rules

  1. Off-topic is where bad threads go to die. Nothing of value is found in this subforum. If your topic has any value to it whatsoever, it does not belong in off-topic. If your topic is moved to off-topic from somewhere else on the website, it has been judged to be unworthy of serious discussion.
  2. Excessive stupidity is heavily frowned upon. Community rule #3 applies here. Joking around is fine - consistently poor posting is not.
  3. Birthday threads are allowed ONLY in Off-topic, and nowhere else.

In-Game Chat Rules

  1. No spamming or flooding.
  2. Evading silences will immediately escalate to a restriction if you are found doing it, and you will be found.
    1. Talking about silences (your own previous or someone else's) in public chats is forbidden and will be punished with a silence.
  3. Public discussion of NSFW content or anything explicitly sexual is not permitted as per community rule #5. Private messages are not covered by this rule.
  4. All links to external content (images, threads, videos, etc) must not contain photosensitive content (very fast flashing strobes, etc).
  5. Impersonation is explicitly forbidden, especially of staff.
  6. Do not advertise multiplayer games outside of #lobby.
  7. Discussing cheating, hacking, or any other form of client abuse or foul play is explicitly forbidden.
    1. Mentioning or talking about banned players is forbidden as well.
  8. In language-specific channels, speak the dominant language if you are participating in discussion. Where the language for a channel is not explicitly stated, it is always English.
    1. Moderators might talk English in language-specific channels as they see need for it to handle the situation appropriately.
    2. In all other channels (#osu, #english, #modhelp, #modreqs, #videogames, #ctb, #taiko, #osumania), speaking languages other than English is forbidden.
    3. The channels #lobby and #help are multilingual and hold no language restrictions.

Client rules

  1. Manipulation or alteration of the client such as score hacking, macroing, affecting the timescale on which the client operates, auto-aim, and anything that generally removes the human element from play is considered cheating. If you have to ask if something is considered cheating, and you have to use an external program to achieve that effect, it probably is.
  2. Altering gameplay elements through any method BESIDES beatmap skins/client skins is considered as possible cheating and will be dealt with harshly.

Cheaters are permanently banned and restricted upon the first offense and are forced to wait 6 months MINIMUM before they may appeal the ban. Just don't do it. Bans are rarely, if ever, made in error.

Violating any of these rules results in the offender being hit with either a silence or a restriction. Silenced users cannot chat, post on the forums, update their beatmaps, or play multiplayer games. Restricted users have all the penalties of silenced users, along with being unable to submit scores or play online in any capacity whatsoever. Restriction is SERIOUS, and can only be revoked by a member of the player support staff, accessible via accounts@ppy.sh or the live chat support periodically available on all pages of the website.

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