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Creator:Digitalfear117 Accuracy:
Length:4:33 (3:41 drain)
Source:H2O~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ Genre:Pop (Japanese) BPM:100
Tags:japanese vocals anime ending song full version ed ver pop soft rock j-pop jpop visual novel vn eroge elements kenichi User Rating:
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42.3% (583 of 1378 plays)
Jul 6, 2022
Mar 23, 2024
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Please re-download if you downloaded before 3/16/2024!


BN's: [profile=9022451:1337]Bloxi[/profile:1337] / [profile=9562117:1337]Aranel[/profile:1337]

EASY - Collab with [profile=4873016:1337]Celerrin[/profile:1337]

Backgrounds are from the VN

This is a map that I created utilizing an old 2008 version of osu! (b394a), and I hitsounded it with a later 2009 version (b904). The beatmap skin elements were taken from this beatmap by [profile=3181083:1337]AJT[/profile:1337]. Give it a try, and enjoy a 2008 like experience once again! The simple lyrical storyboard was created by me, lyrics come from here.

Explanation of ideas and concepts

I wanted to create a map that felt extremely simple, in a back to basics kind of way. When I think back to basics mapping for this song, I think of mapping the vocals, doing grid patterning at a low star rating, and on top of that I wanted to use catmull sliders for their quirky and loose nature. These are the things I wanted to do to achieve this personal feeling of old map nostalgia. I really love this a song, and I feel it fits with the type of map I wanted to create, rather than just shoehorning a style that it isn't compatible with it.

I figured I should create the map in an older client as it contextualizes and gives me insight into why mappers created maps the way they did at the time. Besides, it also has the benefit of making it significantly easier to place catmull sliders lol.

Playing this map on old client versions!

All map features work 100% from client version b753c and newer! b753c was released on July 20th, 2009!

The earliest version of the game that can play the map without any modifications is b452.1. This version was released on October 12th, 2008. This version lacks compatibility with modern storyboards and kiai time, but everything else is fine.

Here is an SS replay I set on the top diff on b452.1!

Although previous versions of the game use a .osu v5, and should in theory be compatible, versions before b452.1 read the timing points with kiai as having 0 bpm, making all sliders impossible to hit during kiai. Although b452.1 doesn't have kiai time yet, it ignores this flag and the game sails on without any issues. By b699 kiai time is added, but the storyboarding format must have been slightly different, as the storyboard doesn't work yet. By b753c all features of the beatmap work!

If you want to try converting replays from old versions of the game to modern, export the replay in your version, open it in 595a, export it. Open it in b904, export it, and open it in b1218, and export it. After this version it works in modern. Yes you will need all these versions and the map in all those versions to work. The date will be set to 0001-01-01 00:00:01 when you do this though.

Collab breakdown

I mapped from the start of the map to around 2:25:000, everything after was mapped by Celerrin!

Celerrin completed the map using osu!lazer, as until January 2024 you could place catmull sliders easily in lazer. Unfortunately this was removed, I really hope this feature will return! After he completed the map, I would take the v128 .osu file he would send me, and down convert it back to v5 so I could modded it in b904 lol. Then he would get it back, edit it in lazer, and then process would repeat haha. I bet this is the first collab ever where both mappers are using versions of the game that are 15 years apart :). Due to the catmull changes in lazer, we are now both modding it in b904.


I miss seeing those changelogs that people used to do on older maps, so I'm going to do that here!

  1. Submitted the beatmap to Bancho for the first time, mostly as a proof of concept. It was only about 75% mapped
  1. Completed the map
  2. Changed the offset to a value that [profile=9870167:1337]Respirte[/profile:1337] suggested. Objects were on the beat, however it was on the wrong beat LOL.
  3. Applied changes suggested by [profile=4873016:1337]Celerrin[/profile:1337]. This includes extending a few sliderends, changing some sliders/circles, and fixing objects that were off grid. These objects were not offscreen on modern osu!, but were slightly offscreen on 2008.
  4. Changed the mp3
  5. Fixed .osu version getting updated from v5 to v14
  1. Applied many changes that [profile=8920907:1337]jas[/profile:1337] suggested. This includes better new combo's, slider and circle rhythm swaps to better match vocals, and more consciously emphasizing changes in the music based on direction changes. jas also suggested changing the combo colors, and told me to add tags.
  2. Changed difficulty name to "FOOTPRINTS"
  3. Added tags
  4. Changed the white and black combo colors to navy blue and gray
  5. Removed unnecessary additional backgrounds (I had a few alternatives in case I wanted to do a two difficulty spread, but at this moment I am only doing the one difficulty)
  1. Hitsounded map with major help from [profile=8514740:1337]Kifo[/profile:1337].
  2. Moved from b394a to b904. This was due to the extremely limited hitsounding tools in b394a. This version still creates v5 .osu! files, but lets me hitsound more similarly to modern, and fixes many issues I had with the editor.
  3. Updated tags
  4. Added Kiai time (feature wasn't in b394a)
  5. Switched source to the official Japanese title of the anime
  6. Fixed incorrect capitalization of artist name. "Monet" -> "monet"
  7. Snap preview point to nearest beat
  8. Fixed some more new combos, and adjusted the rhythm of the last 3 objects slightly
  1. Switched the source from the anime adaptation to the visual novel. (The VN is titled H2O -FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND- where the anime adaptation is titled H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~) lmao we ended up going back to the other title because of it's usage on the official VN website here
  2. Updated tags
  1. Applied changes and fixes suggested by [profile=4611708:1337]mynt[/profile:1337]. Adjusted some rhythms, fixed kiai's start and end times being slightly off, and we decided to make sure big finishes are made active even if no vocals are on the notes. It just sounds better.
  2. Changed some straight sliders into catmull sliders after the first kiai. Interesting catmull slider shapes trailed off after the first kiai, as I didn't have any good slider shapes ideas while I was mapping it originally.
  1. Applied changes suggested by [profile=9870167:1337]Respirte[/profile:1337] in VC. The biggest changes come from trying to make the usage of catmull vs. linear sliders more consistent. All sliders in non kiai times are catmull curved sliders, until we hit build ups, then only long sliders are catmull. Then in kiai all sliders are straight/linear. This helps create a more consistent mapping style. Also adjusted some rhythms and general patterning.
  2. For the last kiai section, I have switched to what I'm referring to as "red" anchored sliders. Catmull sliders with red anchors will cause ugly bumps where the slider ball has to make a full 360 to make a direction change. I use strategic white points to create sharp angles without the ugly side effects.
  1. Minor fixes, edited a few slider body shapes, and I reworked the first pattern a bit.
  1. Implemented suggestions from [profile=6889573:1337]KKipalt[/profile:1337]. This includes making the slider at 04:30:310 (3) more interesting to match 02:03:910 (3) and 03:30:310 (3). Changing the circle at 01:57:010 to a slider to better follow the vocals. Lastly, edited the slider at 00:57:010 (5) to not be vertical like the following sliders.
  2. Implement changes suggested by [profile=3087506:1337]JeZag[/profile:1337]. This includes making sure that the few patterns that don't flow into other patterns be fixed (no anti-flow), told me I missed a clap hitsound on an object, and recommended that I use more symmetrical slider shapes. JeZag probably recommended more things, but I have goldfish memory lol.
  1. Minor flow changes.
  2. Changed 2 circles to 1 slider near the beginner (had an active circle on a filler rhythm)
After getting mods from [profile=11771:1337]Sonnyc[/profile:1337] and [profile=5286213:1337]Deppyforce[/profile:1337] I experimented with the following changes and ideas in the "Test" difficulty:
  1. Add overlapping circle patterns
  2. Changed the slider tick rate from 1 -> 2
  3. Decreased the OD/AR from 6 -> 5
  4. Cleaned up the visuals a little
  5. Added back in a little anti-flow :eyes:
  6. Added spinners before breaks
  7. Decreased the grid size to size 4 (in .osu).
  1. Fixed a few sliders that should have been curved after the second kiai on the Test difficulty
  1. Removed and merged certain ideas from Test difficulty into the main map
  2. Undid grid snap change and removed spinners from test diff, kept overlaps and most pattern changes
  3. Added a few missing claps
  4. Moving to pending, wish me luck!
  1. Very minor slider shape adjustment (it was just a little too ugly)
  1. Added a new Easy difficulty called [Magical O TO HA]. Thanks to [profile=4873016:1337]Celerrin[/profile:1337], [profile=8514740:1337]Kifo[/profile:1337], and [profile=8920907:1337]jas[/profile:1337] for modding the map :D
  2. Added a new background for [Magical O TO HA] diff
  3. Modified a few slider shapes and patterns on the [FOOTPRINTS] difficulty
These mods came over from the lovely BAT's on oldsu! 2009, [profile=9401932:1337]fluxie31[/profile:1337] and [profile=9948665:1337]vyper[/profile:1337]. Thank you so much for the mods, and for helping me to rank the map on oldsu!
  1. Changed offset from 2110 to 2130
  2. Moved objects that were offscreen in b904 back onscreen
  3. Changed the duration of the final spinner
  4. Fixed many missing hitsounds on Magical O TO HA difficulty
  1. The previous changes that were suggested by the oldsu! BNs got applied to this version of the map on Bancho on this day! However, I decided to keep the "linear" catmull sliders in the last kiai, and left the old name for the Magical O TO HA diff for this version.
  2. Fixed distance snapping on a few objects that were not adhering to 1.3x on Magical O TO HA difficulty.
  1. Added some old default skin elements per [profile=9870167:1337]Respirte[/profile:1337]'s recommendation.
  1. Added an extremely basic lyrics storyboard!
  1. Renamed the "Magical O TO HA" difficulty to "Easy".
  2. While doing this I accidently lost the old beatmap ID :(
  1. Replaced the mp3 with a new ogg file that fits the ranking criteria better, thanks [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337] for sourcing a new file, and giving me the correct offset to make it easier to add!
  2. Renamed the "Easy" difficulty to "EASY" per [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337] suggestion
  3. Added more missing skin elements for a proper 2008 vibe and feel, including elements that didn't exist before like scorev2.
  4. Set preferred skin to be the default skin, so any missing asset will use that skin first!
  1. Applied mods from [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337]! This includes a few missing hitsounds on the FOOTPRINTS difficulty, added 1 circle, made a slider one beat longer, modified the breaks in the map, and removed an unneeded skin element!
  1. Applied mods from [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337]! This includes a few missing hitsounds on the EASY difficulty, moved some objects around for better flow, modified the breaks in the map, and flipped a rhythm!
  2. Increased the resolution of the storyboard lyrics assets by 2x!
  3. Updated tags
  1. Moved objects in the FOOTPRINTS diff so that distance spacing is more consistent between similar sections. Also flipped a circle and slider at around 4:10
  1. Added a new NORMAL difficulty, a collaboration between me and [profile=4873016:1337]Celerrin[/profile:1337]! He did the sections after the first break to the end of the 2nd kiai, and also made some of the slider shapes throughout the map. This difficulty was created per [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337] suggestion due to there being a large gap in rhythm density from EASY to FOOTPRINTS
  2. Applied nearly 40 mods on NORMAL from [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337], MVP modder :)
  1. New offsets for the breaks on all difficulties
  1. Changed the breaks on FOOTPRINTS diff to better match the other two difficulties
  2. Moved a few objects for better spacial distance consistency on FOOTPRINTS and NORMAL diff's
  3. Created a new slider shape for the 2nd to last slider before the first break on FOOTPRINTS
  4. Ensured greater differentiation of aim flow between the NORMAL and EASY difficulties by modifying the last kiai of the NORMAL diff
  1. Changed some rhythms from 3:14 to 3:28 on NORMAL
  2. Modified some slider shapes on NORMAL
  3. Changed some flow on NORMAL
  4. Applied more mods by [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337]
  1. Updated the hitsounds across all difficulties to make them match, but NORMAL has the most changes.
  2. Changed the length of the slider at 00:59:355 on NORMAL to match the other difficulties
  1. At the start of the first kiai of the NORMAL diff, a circle was on the wrong side of a reverse slider, in order for me to move it and have the rest of the map still look cohesive, I ended up moving every object in that kiai :(
  2. Very slight slider shape adjustment in the first kiai of the NORMAL diff.
  3. Adjusted a few notes in the 2nd kiai of the NORMAL diff.
  1. I decided that the angled slider at 02:03:855 on FOOTPRINTS just didn't fit the rest of the map, and I changed it to be curvy like the others
  2. Applied fix to a sliderpoint at 04:16:455 on EASY diff spotted by [profile=10332253:1337]Rozemyne[/profile:1337]!
  1. Rewrote a significant portion of the changelog to fix grammar mistakes, gave context to ambiguous sounding changes, and ensured that the tense of each sentence stays consistent.
  1. Changed the flow for objects so that all long sliders at the end of kiai's can intersect the center vertical grid line (FOOTPRINTS).
Applied the following mods suggested by [profile=4611708:1337]mynt[/profile:1337]
  1. Changed the rhythm on FOOTPRINTS from 01:46:755 to 01:52:755 to more closely follow what the NORMAL difficulty does as it sounds better.
  2. Changed the rhythm at 3:30 to follow the other kiai's better. This includes extending the slider by one tick, adding a circle on the next white tick, and starting the spinner at the next white tick.
  3. Celerrin applied many mods to the NORMAL diff, rhythm changes, flow changes, slider shape adjustments and objects placements. Then I went through and made a few mods to it.
  1. Fixed the slider at 4:04:155 on EASY somehow being a tick too short
  2. Fixed hitsounds on all diffs again to reflect changes
  3. Made the slider at the end of NORMAL red anchored, and moved the pattern to have it end at the middle vertical grid line (like the other diffs)
  4. Fixed the slider at 02:42:555 not being distance snapped after we moved it a tick earlier on NORMAL
  5. Removed the circle at 03:24:855 on NORMAL
  6. Shorted the banger slider at the end of the second kiai on FOOTPRINTS in order to make it the same as the other two kiais in length, and added a circle and slider after. I finally was able to make this pattern fit in the center vertical line, I am very excited. Also I got to keep the banger slider, it's just 1 tick shorter thats all.
Applied many mods by both [profile=9022451:1337]Bloxi[/profile:1337], and [profile=6570161:1337]dopaminos[/profile:1337], thanks so much for the mods!
  1. Updated lots of stuff tbh, lots of object placements, some rhythms, a few hitsounds, etc. Mostly on the FOOTPRINTS diff, but also some on NORMAL and EASY
  2. The largest change in these edits is to the kiai's on FOOTPRINTS. Bloxi suggested filling in the (2?) beat gaps in these sections to help create more emphasis in the kiai. I think it's a pretty decent change!
  3. I had to remove the red anchors from the linear angled sliders in the EASY and NORMAL diff. That is because the loops that they make could be confusing for new players. I've instead opted to just use additional white anchors to keep the shape relatively similar. They are still the same in the FOOTPRINTS diff, as it's more of a hard diff and has more room for less convention ideas
  1. I was able to fix the one slider in EASY that was not cooperating with the white anchor method. I couldn't get the shape to work with it being catmull the first time and made it the only linear type slider in the map. Now we are back to having only catmull sliders again!
  2. Removed unneeded slider points on the sliders at 04:27:555 and 04:29:355 on NORMAL

Changed the hitsounds on the EASY diff at the following time stamps:
  1. 01:27:855 - Added a Whistle
  2. 01:35:055 - Added a Whistle & Clap
  3. 03:32:655 - Added a Whistle & Clap

Changed the hitsounds on the NORMAL diff at the following time stamps:
  1. 01:18:855 - Added a Whistle
  2. 01:27:555 - Added a Whistle
  3. 01:27:855 - Added a Clap
  4. 01:28:155 - Added a Whistle
  5. 02:44:355 - Removed a Clap
  6. 02:44:655 - Added a Clap
  7. 03:07:455 - Removed a Whistle
  8. 03:20:655 - Added a Clap
  9. 03:24:255 - Removed a Whistle
  10. 04:05:355 - Added a Whistle
  11. 04:29:955 - Removed a Whistle

Changed the hitsounds on the FOOTPRINTS diff at the following time stamps:
  1. 01:49:455 - Added a Whistle
  2. 01:56:955 - Added a Whistle
  3. 03:23:055 - Added a Clap & Whistle

These hitsounds got messed up due to us changing some rhythms and not double checking if the HS were properly re added after yesterday's mods.

  1. I have replaced the backgrounds for all difficulties with slightly higher quality versions, now they are slightly less compressed. Also all the backgrounds have matching black borders around the H2O logo now too!
I received more mods from [profile=9022451:1337]Bloxi[/profile:1337]!
  1. Increased the grid size on the bottom two difficulties! For the NORMAL difficulty, the distance snapping was changed to 1.3 to match the EASY difficulty. Objects on both EASY and NORMAL were readjusted to support this new grid size. With the smaller grid size on these, distance snapping would sometimes shift up to 1.5, this will alleviate that problem.
  2. Changed the CS of NORMAL back to 4, but made the CS of EASY 2. This way each diff increases by 2. OD and HP of EASY are 2 as well, and OD and HP of NORMAL are 3
I received the last of the first set of mods from [profile=9022451:1337]Bloxi[/profile:1337].
  1. Renamed the NORMAL difficulty to EASY, and the old EASY difficulty to BEGINNER to better reflect their overall challenge to play. (RIP another beatmap ID)
  2. Added a little more variety to the BEGINNER difficulty in 2 sections by swapping sliders and circles
  3. Added short spinners at the end of the 1st and 2nd kiai in FOOTPRINTS to have a little more cohesion with the other two difficulties, and they feel good.
  4. I forgot to actually add hitcircleoverlay.png to the files on modern osu! I only put it in my 2009 osu! folder :(
  5. I also added the ranking-(letter)-small's from the old default skin, as you can see them during the break.
  6. Changed the source back to the anime title, as the official VN page also refers to it with ~ instead of -'s sometimes too.
  7. Changed a few hitsounds on BEGINNER and EASY
I received mods from [profile=9562117:1337]Aranel[/profile:1337] :D
  1. Aranel suggested to change some movement flow on FOOTPRINTS to better emphasize the vocals
  2. EASY diff got 4 rhythm changes that made [profile=4873016:1337]Celerrin[/profile:1337] very happy, as he had wanted to do those himself but I said no xd. Now it matches a little closer with the FOOTPRINTS diff during the kiai
  3. BEGINNER diff got a few slider shape redesigns, the last note changed to a circle to emphasize the big finish, and I added a spinner right after to keep consistency with the other difficulties.
  4. Added a finish to all diffs around 2:35 for the large sound
  5. [profile=4873016:1337]Celerrin[/profile:1337] and I did some slight adjustments to the placements of objects in the EASY difficulty
I received mods from both [profile=9022451:1337]Bloxi[/profile:1337] and [profile=9562117:1337]Aranel[/profile:1337]!
  1. Changed a few object placements
  2. Added a hitsound to the spinners at 2:06:555 on all diffs
  3. Added new combo bursts!
  4. Added a few hitsounds
  5. Fixed a few other skin elements that were missing from 2008 skin, or that were unnecessary
  6. Updated tags
  7. Shortened the slider at 03:13:755 on EASY so I could add a circle at 03:14:655. This allowed me to make the lyrics “I love you” it’s own combo like the other two difficulties
  8. Nominated! Huge thanks to Bloxi and Aranel for putting up with the multitude of updates we did today

This is first beatmap ranked on oldsu! (2009 client!)

oldsu! is an alternative client for the b904 build of the game, where users can compete in the rankings with the old client for ranked score to get #1!

Players are 4 mod SSing??

Congrats to the absolutely crazy players of Deppyforce and Rady Friday for setting the first 4 mod SS’s!

Onta_Bekasi set the first ever FL FC!

They set this score before the mapped was even ranked! Super impressive to see. Honestly it's crazy to see someone memorize your own map :O! I wonder what other crazy scores people will set.

Idk why the image won't load :(Here's a link to image instead for now

Thank you to all the BNs, modders, and players!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this map better, from the wonderful BNs, modders, my friends, and everyone who plays the map! It means the world to me <3
KevKjef is in the lead! ()
Score2,484,489 (100.00%)
Max Combo472
300 / 100 / 50302 / 170 / 804
Geki (Elite Beat!)50
Droplet misses0

Top 50 Scoreboard

RankScoreAccuracyPlayerMax Combo300 / 100 / 50GekiDroplet MissMissesMods
2,484,489 100.00% KevKjef 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HR,DT,FL,PF
2,359,422 100.00% Predominador 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HD,HR,DT
2,358,322 100.00% Melu 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HD,HR,DT,PF
2,352,812 99.92% Robertatron9000 472 302  /  170  /  803 50 1 0 HD,HR,DT
2,239,858 100.00% syu 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HR,DT,PF
2,235,458 100.00% optm666 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HR,DT,PF
2,234,358 100.00% Emica 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HR,DT,PF
2,234,358 100.00% karagianniss 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HR,DT,PF
2,229,958 100.00% eralfehT 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 HR,NC,PF
2,012,999 100.00% Chloebe 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 DT
2,010,799 100.00% Systine 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 DT
2,007,499 100.00% Osdare 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 DT,PF
2,001,999 100.00% novaaa 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 DT,PF
2,000,899 100.00% Wickion 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 DT,PF
1,999,789 99.92% shinitaichan 472 302  /  170  /  803 50 1 0 DT
1,998,699 100.00% Lytta 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 DT,PF
1,913,128 100.00% Salamat 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 PF
1,912,028 100.00% Sleepteiner 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 PF
1,893,328 100.00% Ikeuno 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 None
1,088,448 100.00% Hexenwerk 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 EZ,DT,PF
1,068,648 100.00% VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV 472 302  /  170  /  804 50 0 0 EZ,DT,PF
431,782 99.92% Rukairi 472 302  /  170  /  803 50 1 0 EZ,HD,HT,SD
2,210 0.08% osu420 0 0  /  0  /  1 0 803 472 NF,HR,NC
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