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Artist:Neotron C Circle Size:
Approach Rate:
Title:ektoplasm'o'matic (nfmMix) HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Nitronic Techno Accuracy:
Length:4:22 (4:22 drain)
Source:Need for Madness Genre:Video Game (Instrumental) BPM:149.99
Tags:vgm video game music videogame electronic ektoplasmomatic nfm ? toooo!? 2 leominexd leomine doomsday doomtwo video games instrumental dances with User Rating:
1 11
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7.5% (108 of 1432 plays)
Nov 15, 2023
May 27, 2024
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Favourited 17 times in total
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Hi Thanks for looking at my map

If you chose M A S H E E N on this map and got 1st place; You're badass
If you chose nimi and wasted all; you're a GOAT

As of 30/04/24;
Other than a few bit a bobs with BNs and some work with LeomineXD with Hitsounding it all completed.

Thanks Mniam, Bloxi, Nao Tomori, Nyanaro, Evangelion_guy, Alty for the Hypes

Kuro Fuyusaki, Nyanaro for basic NMs

Bloxi, Nao Tomori for BNs Assitance

LeomineXD for agreeing and helping with hitsound my beatmap
pantikoi1 is in the lead! ()
Score775,874 (94.71%)
Max Combo651
300 / 100 / 501450 / 123 / 0
Geki (Elite Beat!)6
Katu (Beat!)0

Top 50 Scoreboard

RankScoreAccuracyPlayerMax Combo300 / 100 / 50GekiKatuMissesMods
775,874 94.71% pantikoi1 651 1450  /  123  /  0 6 0 23 HT
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