osu! is a free-to-win online rhythm game
osu! gameplay is based on a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While keeping some authentic elements, osu! adds huge customisation via skins/beatmaps/storyboarding, online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users! Play the way you want to play, with your own music, and share your creations with others.


Legendary drum and bass producer Feint has finally joined our Featured Artist collection!
It's no secret that osu!taiko star rating is overdue for a rework. Thanks to your responses in the community survey, we are now ready to unveil a series of planned updates and improvements to how difficulty is evaluated in the osu!taiko game mode!
We're proud to welcome Ritorikal to our Featured Artist collection!
Alestorm sails into our pool of Featured Artists!

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03:23:40Zuki- : but one is rounded
03:23:46Zuki- : WAIT ONE MORE PLAY I GOT 6K PP
03:23:46expiredman : I NOTELOCK SO MUCH
03:24:03ipseity : play more
03:24:05-Krilia- : ok
03:24:06expiredman : oh shit gl
03:24:14Zuki- : rahh
03:24:16Zuki- : i need one more map
03:24:24squishi : im better anyway so idc
03:25:27NiruHaru : (